The Psychopath's Self-Help Guide

Christian is a psychopath. He isn't a serial killer or a murderer though. Indeed, Christian would sadly shake his head at your feeble preconceptions of the term. No, Christian writes self-help books for people like you, people trapped inside their own worlds, looking out through tinted windows seeing only a distorted version of the real truth. Christian can help you.

Now, this isn't to say I'm better than other people, that would be, quite frankly, unnecessary. If anyone were to examine the facts with any measure of honesty they would find themselves compelled to agree that I am, in fact, superior in nigh on every way.

Now, one might be inclined to view this as arrogance, the accusatory refuge of the insecure, and in doing so not only prove my superiority by resorting to such childish self-delusion but also demonstrate their complete misunderstanding of an essential truth.

Facts are facts, ineffable and immovable. They need no respect, no acknowledgement. They need not be modest nor accommodating. Facts merely are and by virtue of their very nature, are truth - demonstrated in physical and/or abstract reality.

As such, to deny my claim is ridiculous as it would be to try to fly by tying lead weights to one's feet. It is not an opinion, I am a fact, a universal constant and as such any argument against me is rendered invalid.

Now do not assume this to mean that I am claiming to be perfect. Far from it, though perfect, despite it's implications, is a subjective term and I deal only in the objective truth. There are many skills I do not possess that others have, there are many qualities I do not possess. I am not rich, I am not powerful.

Then what, you may ask, allows me to justify such claims of superiority as I present? There you would be making another self-evident mistake - to think an absolute truth requires justification. Would you ask the number one to justify why it comes between zero and two? No, of course not, unless you were the lowest form of imbecile. It is just truth, certainty beyond reason, beyond justification.

So, what is the purpose of this text? You may incorrectly think it a piece of literary self-indulgence, a form of textual masturbation for the ego.

You would be wrong.

This is a journey into the soul, the mind, the truth of existence. This is peeling away the chrysalis of your old perceptions and beliefs and allowing you to fly free in a new world, a better world, unrestrained and beautiful, high above the crawling grubs and worms. With a surgeons scalpel I ply myself to your soul, cutting away the unnecessary, the dirt and the filth unless there is nothing left but that pure white centre that resides in the heart of all of us, that undeniable truth, that fact.

I am better. You can be better too.

The End

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