The 'Goods'

Under the hustle-bustle of the city, where Felix set to make himself busy, the furor of the past few days came to a gentle rest within him. He wasn't one of the people who 'moved' over things, forgot them after passage of time. Anything that happened to him shadowed within him for years.

Before he had left to bury his mom, he lived in his room alone, but now a fellow body-building enthusiast had joined him- dividing the rent between the two.

Felix felt his privacy largely  intruded, he found brooding in Jim's presence rather uncomfortable. In fact, any activity that Felix involved himself in, he felt that tad bit of discomfort, like a tiny wood stick in his pillow. Nonetheless, he continued with business as it was.

Jim, like Felix, was experiencing trouble earning bread and butter by posing in shorts before the camera. Jim was about five-feet-ten, three inches lower than Felix. Though, he was stouter than Felix. He had a peculiar beard, albeit it was as soft as a baby's  hair, it covered the lower half of his massive, square face. His eyes were dug beneath layers of facial tissues.

But unlike Jim, Felix had an inclination to work and move out of his current situation. He grew to despise sharing his room with another guy, though he took it in his stride. Finally, he decided to meet Anthony, his best friend for a discussion. They met at the food joint they always did at weekends- Chang's Chinese.

Felix liked talking to Anthony. He was a great guy, a struggling body builder like himself, he was muscular in a lean sort of way, a chiseled jawline which was a subject of envy. Anthony oozed charisma and a stronghold on life. He was subject to a lot of social attention, had a tendency to be jovial and an enthusiast. He began talking to Felix in the same enthusiastic manner.

"You won't believe my luck! I ran into Cornette the other day! Cornette! Just imagine! I didn't want to waste much time and he didn't want to do that either, he is a man of business you know! We immediately set about talking. He offered me a developmental contract! Oh my God! I am yet to sign it though. I will be going there tomorrow."

"That's great news man!" Felix said. Though, he felt a twitch of jealousy in his heart, it could have been him signing a contract with the legendary wrestling booker, Cornette.

"Which reminds me," Anthony said, looking at the kitchen door, wondering why it was taking Chang's men to cook food "I did mention you to him. I gave him a short description of you. He wasn't particularly impressed by your stats, but he said that he will try you out."

"Are you serious?" Felix said, showing true signs of enthusiasm the first time in the conversation.

"Absolutely. We are invited to Ovichegan Valley Wrestling tomorrow. I will have to give him a tryout too. May we get selected man."

Felix glanced down at the glistening white table and caught his own reflection. He nodded slowly. "We will get selected."


The End

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