The woods ended as Felix reached downhill, and at a distance, a cluster of houses was revealed. Felix moved towards his house, hoping for the clouds to clear up. He could see his father standing at the porch, his eyes resting directly on Felix. Felix heaved a sigh under his breath.

"Where have you been? Its been four hours..."  his father asked. 

Felix looked at his father. His face had a reddish hue and his pockmarks were pronounced as ever. He hadn't shed a single tear throughout the entire episode. Felix felt infuriated, but looking away from his father, he managed to keep his voice even and monotonous.

"I had gone for a walk..."

'Not a single tear! Not a single tear does that woman deserve! Ugh! He is the same as usual, not an ounce of difference. Like nothing ever happened, like a fly died in his house yesterday. Does his heart ever beat?'

Felix immediately set himself to work. He rummaged for his clothes which were strewn in the room of his elder brother, who was attending church as we speak.

"Where are you going?" Felix's father appeared in the doorway, his arms folded across his chest.

"I am going back to the city."

The man's empty laughter resonated through the room.

"You have no business in the city any longer kid."

Felix chose to be silent, he hastened to fold his clothes rather untidily and stuff them in his bag. He couldn't bear listening to his father's gruff voice or the continued silence of the fauna around them. He packed all his belongings while his father stood in the doorway.

"What will you do in the city?" his father asked once he saw that Felix won't be stopped.

"I will do something. There are a lot of opportunities in the city. I have told you of my dream- to become famous one a wrestler."

There was silence for few seconds, the father's gaze burning a hole through his son.

"Its a bad business kid," he finally spoke "you won't make it. Stay here and help me with the farm like Afanasy does."

"Well I can't stay here for another minute and Lord help Afanasy!" Felix finally burst out.

He strode briskly out of the house and got into the jeep parked a few meters away. He didn't turn back to look at his dad or said goodbye. He reached the road soon, his jeep leading him towards freedom, he was never to come back.



The End

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