The Prototype

A twenty year old guy struggles to survive in a highly competitive metropolis. He is an avid bodybuilder and has been living life to its bare. He has one thing to carry him forward-his fiery ambition. But surviving will be tough for him in this environment, especially when its filled with attractions no less than lethal...

Felix sighed under his breath, something which he didn't do often. It had been a long time that he had had to play the 'tough guy'. And he knew for sure that the play wasn't even in its ending stage. He was hunched over the bridge's wooden barricade, surrounded by dense forestry on the hills around him. Below ran the river with fervor and charge, it was overflowing. The river flowed swiftly down its snaky trail towards the rolling hills and broad valleys. Felix was far away from the valley where he lived, far away from the acquaintances. He was away from the people he should be consoling and supporting in the time of despair, and he felt slight guilt tugging at his heart. After all, he was another human being, another comrade in the existence of the billions. He was entitled to being left alone, and reflect, especially in times like this. Felix's jaw clenched tight and his veins looked ready to pop. His jet black hair fell untidily over his broad, square forehead. There were bony projections over his eyes, they gave them an umbrella like cover; these eyes of his flashed with unbridled and unexpressed emotions. He had never been good at displaying emotions or sharing it with anyone. He had done perfectly fine with it over the years, but now it was blazing a trail in his heart, tearing away at it with jabs, clawing at it. Felix gripped the balustrade with all his might; he had an urge to shout, to scream out to the world and give it back all the pain it had given him. Felix couldn't stand in a place any longer. He started moving through the woods towards the valley. Back to the valley where he buried his mother early in the morning.

He had one major problem with the affair regarding his mother's demise- she had been treated unjustly. The sense of injustice was overwhelming and Felix wondered that he was capable of taking drastic actions under the influence of it. The culprit whose image formed recurrently in his mind was none other than his father. He remembered that crooked noose, that pink, wrinkled face with beady eyes and elongated, thin lips. The same man whom he blamed for having a narrow, stifling stream of thought. How could he have been so ruthless? Didn't he see it happening before his eyes? His mother was dying and yet he had made her do chores, the exact same way as he had made her do for 40 years. As he walked through the woods, Felix glanced up at the gray heavens peeping fro in between the myriad of leaves and branches. He paused walking, closed his eyes and broke into a prayer.

'Mother, I have no words for you. Not surprising that this worthless son of yours has nothing to say. Oh, my poor mother. What a life you led! A stranger to our valley might arrive and seeing you as the way you are might say "must be some peasant woman". But  mother, what made you live such a life? A life full of indescribable sacrilege of your body. Walking miles through the arthritis. Even your hands were chapped and roughened by washing the dirty linen. How you would wash my dirty linen with such reverence for me! You were always was and always be the most sacrificing woman in my life. Oh, my poor mother! Now that I remember all the times when I was thoughtless, maybe as a child, or as the grown up man that I am now, but thoughtless all the same...And I wouldn't listen to you, or try to understand what you were trying to tell me. How ignorant I have been! Don't think that these tears strewn upon my face aren't real, or just tears of an aggrieved child. In fact, these tears hold such love for you which I could never express. Poor mother, these tears offer all the divine purity that I have in my black heart. Please to accept it, do not turn it away. I miss you a lot mother, I wish I could tell you this while you were alive. And now I hope, I feel that somewhere you are listening to my words, something reserved for poor souls that they can find final solace. Rest well my mother, you have been worn down by the cruelty of this world, may all your pain wash away like words on sand and you may enjoy carefree, sublime love and bliss which you have so denied yourself. My tears fall and disappear into the earth, may it know the magnificent love of a mother which words cannot reconstruct, which time cannot conquer.'

And with the following words, Felix moved towards his house where his father awaited him.

The End

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