The Protectors

Chapter 1
“Ari! Ari!” from a distance, “Where are you?”

Ari sat on the shores over looking the red tinted sea as it crashed against the stone border wall of Kvin Maroj.
"This is the place I love more than anything in this world," she thought.
The shores whispered to her -- they gave her insight. Even as a young Kvin she could hear the voices as the waves rushed into the walls. To hear the voices is a gift from the Nokto, the elders proclaimed, and in fact they are voices of elders past here to guide. Ari, though able to hear, cannot make out the words, she only hears whispers like empty thoughts flowing through the air.
“I’ve been calling for you, didn’t you hear me?”
Emeral rested herself next to Ari on the border wall. She was breathing heavily and looked exhausted.
“I hear you. I was listening,” Ari shook her head to snap her mind back to reality. The sea puts her in a trance and everything goes black.
“I’ve been looking all over for you, its time Ari, we must go,” Emeral proclaimed.
Emeral is Ari’s Rami; the elders paired them when Ari was born.  Ever Kvin is paired with a Rami at birth. As the story goes, the Rami are an ancient race of transdimisinal travelers stuck in the rift of time before time. The elders of Kvin made a pact with the elders of Rami that with ever new Kvin born a Rami would be called forth to become a counterpart to the child. Emeral is a sky flight, a small winged creature, with dark green feathers streaked with red. Much like Emeral, Ari’s build is small with hair streaked green and red slender built but strong. Ari and Emeral are joined by mind and spirit; they are a part of each other and have the power to dial into one another.

“Ari your father is waiting and we mustn’t keep him,” exclaimed Emeral.
The turn of eighteen approached faster than Ari could have ever imagined and now it was time for Nokto, the god of all the land, to breath life into her body. The Nokto blessed those chosen by the elders at birth with a power to protect and defend the Kvin land and namesake.

The elders would perform the ceremony and the entire tribe gathered to watch as Ari took the power determined her to harness.

“Magiisto! Magiisto!” the elders chanted as they lifted Ari high.

A whirlwind of emotions spread through Ari.

Ari felt herself float into the air. The elder’s chants growing louder and her body tensing to the sound of the chants.

"Magiisto! Magiisto!"

Her eye rolled to the back of her head and warmth, a power, overcomes her. She could fill it pulse through her veins, voices filling her head, chanting, singing, and praising. The voices of the elders past. The Nokto had breathed his breath of life into her body.

“Magiisto! Magiisto!”

Her body collapsed. She was dizzy, limp, and overcome with strong emotions. Her eyes, a once deep blue, charged red, Nokto had embraced her.

Emeral could feel the changes as well. Her small frame now empowered. Her wings grew larger and stronger.

The End

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