THE PROTECTOR: one tornado wrecks it all.....

a boy who tries to make things right but in the end, finds a new home.



one boy in U.S.A. wakes up to find that outside his window facing east is a tornado.In all of the kids in the world, why do i have to get ripped apart right now? i try and get out of the door but my brain keeps on telling me to stay behind. i see the orphanage letterbox suck into the tornado. that gives me less strength to move. i run away as fast as i can. i see a helicopter and get into it.  it feels a lot strange to be sitting in there with no-one in here. I AM WRONG. a stranger pops up in the drivers seat and says:" i am Ahmed. get away from here as fast as you can."

i look behind and lock the doors. we try to outrun the tornado but the suction forces us into the tornado. the helicopter breaks in half while ahmed tries to get into my seat.

i wake up and........


TO BE CONTINUED...............


let me know and i will make the next chapter with many other stories.


The End

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