The Protagonize Parables

This is the place to write any parables you happen to have thought up. They don't need to be religious, just anything you feel needs to be written.

As Emily was walking back down the path towards the 'Cat and Fiddle', she turned to Roxy and said, "You see this path? You must never venture from it for unlike the peat ditches beside us, it is light and can guide you on your way to safety, making your journey easy and even enjoyable.

"On the other hand, the ditches' dark shadows and thick pools of peat will drag you down and make your journey difficult, scarring your clothes along the way. You may even find yourself stuck in this peat or even worse, thrown out into the deserted moors, left to suffer alone and unable to find your way out through the darkness.

"On top of this, the creatures of the night may threaten to pull you from your path. You must fight them and stay defiant; never let your guard down. Even the path, which may appear smooth at first, can trip you with its rocks and stones, hurting you and delaying you on your journey. This is why you must keep your eyes alert at all times and choose your steps wisely.

"And you see that sunset over there, Roxy?" Emily finished, "That beautiful sunset is a result of the sun, just like you."

The End

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