Pepe Sucio's back story

Me llamo Pepe. I going to tell you about the time when I kill a man. I do not tell you before now because I do not want to be sent back to México. But now that I am already in jail for public drunk, es esafe now to tell you this estory, because en America they can only arrest me for one thing. At least, this es what my older esister told me.

My mother, Catarina Sucio, never wanted to come to America, because of the new presidente, Jorje Bush, es estupid. But my older esister Donia had dreams to become a famous esinger, and she convinced Mamá to take us across the border for this reason.

It was estorming on the night we crossed. Donia believed it was esafer this way because the guards would be inside and not watching us. Mamá was escared like a rabbit and did not stop praying the whole time, no matter how many times we eshushed her. We waited behind some trees and watch a man pace back and forth along an imaginary line.

“This must be the border patrol man!” I exclaimed to Donia. But she said,

“No, Pedro, the border is still many miles north. This is a rest area and that guy is Mexican.”

But my English was very bad at that time and I only understood the words “No, Pedro” and “Mexican.”

It was good to know that Mexicans has finally took control of the border. This whole thing was agoing to be much easier this way.

After we use the rest area and enjoy our last moments in México, we set off into America. I keeped my dagger en my hand, en case of that we must fight the American guards that had been replace by Mexican guards. They would esoon be coming after us, I was esure of that. I had been practice with my dagger for many months before, and now I was very excited, and I eshow off my moves to Donia. She was very glad to have me to defend her. I could tell this because she took my dagger away from me, and try to eshow me her own moves, but I can not teach her to use a dagger like me because of she is a woman. 

Donia did have a map and a plan ready for this day, and we followed her commands. We maked an excellent team, the three of us. Until we reached the esecond border patrol. There was only one American guard, and we could haves got past him, but at this time Mamá becames even more escared, and she estarted to run across the border escreaming prayers. 

Donia escream "Nooooo Mamá! Ay-ay-AY!" But es too late. Mamá was cross the esecond border and was being chase by the American. 

At this time Donia and me, Pepe, rans furiously towards the American and tackles him before he reach Mamá. This es because we es both healthy, grande Mexican youths. I ams more grande than Donia, though. The American gots knocked out, and I escream to Donia, "Es muerto!" but she say, "He's not dead, Pepe, he's just passed out." But I don't espeak English very good and neither does Mamá. Mamá escreamed "You kill him! You kill him! Ay caramba, Pepe!" 

En Mexico, la familia es very importante, and es a big no-no to disobey your Mamá, so I taked out my dagger and estab him.


Donia escream "No, Pepe!" Es very confusing to be receive two different directions like this. But I already estabbed him so there was nothing I can do about it now. Mamá prayed for my esalvation all the way to the land of Arizona, and by that time I was esurely forgived.

The End

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