The Protagonize Men's Room

Hannah hands out cologne at the Protagonize Men's Room. The things she sees and hears during her daily routine are bizarre to say the least!

I'm Hannah.


I'm the official valet, here, at the Protagonize Men's Room.  It probably seems strange that a women is skulking around in a men's room, but we're a pretty open bunch.

My job is to "spritz" up members when they've done their business, that is to, give them a little spray of complimentary cologne on their way out.  It is of course, knock off cologne, not the real stuff, and it pretty much smells like bleach once it dries, but it's the gesture, right?

The guy who runs this joint wants me to offer it to just pro or plus subscribers, but he doesn't mean it.  Everyone who comes in here gets a little Kelvin Klein, whether they want it or not!

And there are some crazy characters!

Oooops, I just dropped a bottle of Alfred Tung - CRASH! - well, it was only $5.00 but the "boss" will probably dock it from my pay.

Maybe, I'll make some half decent tips today.  Me?  Huh!  No one really asks about me.  I was raised as a foster child and now I'm a foster mother to four.  And tomorrow's "Bring your kids to work Day!".  That's always a thrill for them.  

I have a dog named Bruno named after my second foster son, who got away last week.  (Thankfully, we still have the dog)

But, anyway, I have to get these urinal pucks rinsed off in the sink before the people start coming in!







The End

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