Cleaning Up Every Now and Then is Sensible...

RE: Tip_A_Steinback in The Use in hoUSEwork.


I can see your point on how some people are just too neat. But you can't tell me that you would enjoy living in a home, or I should say a house in which your living room chairs are covered in laundry (dirty or clean, take your pick) that there's no room to sit with your family in the living room.

Or, having your dining room table so covered in crap 2 feet deep that there's no room to actually dine at your dining table.


So cleaning up every now and then is sensible. Also, trying to have guests over when your house looks like a landfill would just be embarrassing.The guest wouldn't ever want to come back.

Frankly, not everyone feels the way you do about housework. I, personally, agree with you, but that's just me.

But you gotta break down and do it at some point or another. Because living like your in a barn or junk yard is just plain disgusting.

Plus, sometimes it gives you a sense of accomplishment that will last for a day or two at the most.

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