Drive Thur Rules

I want you all to print this off, laminate it and tap it to your dash board. Do it now. If you ever worked in food service you will understand this list. In no particular order here it is.

  1. Rule number one and most important rule ever. Do not slap your money on the counter or drive thru window. I am not a sex trade worker. I will not pick up the money with my cleavage or any other part of my ananomy.

2. Turn off your truck.

3. Do not order a banquet through drive thru. Go in and torture the counter help.

4. DO NOT ORDER AT THE WINDOW you have just become worse than Hitler in my book.

5. They don't pay me to laugh at bad jokes. So I don't. And jokes about our customer service are never apperciated. If you don't have anything nice to say go talk to head office.

6. Go ahead complain to head office. I double dog dare you.

7. This isn't about drive thru, this is my list so I can go off topic if I want or I can just make a really long run on sentance, IT'S MY LIST mudderfu(k#r ! Anyway when you fill out comment cards we read them and laugh especially if we served you.

8. I am not a mind reader. Be specfic. Do not assume.

9. Two cents ?!&! Who waits for two cents? You can't even buy penny candies with two cents. Just let it go.

10. Finally don't be a whiner. I can't change the fact that our washroom has only one stall or that our parking entrance is also the excit. If this was my restaurant we wouldn't be listening to Celine Dion soft " rock" all day. And our uniforms would no resemble a potato sacks.

The End

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