Happiness is a choice

I believe things happen for reason. With my life how could I not? But I also don't believe things are just going to happen. You have to make them happen. You choose to be happy. When you let things go, you are choosing happiness. So you tripped and everyone laughed. You laugh at yourself and move on. You make a mistake and you fix it. You don't dwell on your mistakes. You take those lemons and make lemonade!

I am happy not because I have suffered. I am happy despite life's little cruelties. I am happy because I am warm and safe. I'm happy because I stopped waiting to be the perfect size to be happy. Or to have the perfect house or career...Why should we wait to be happy?

If your not happy ask yourself when was the last time you saw something breathtakingly beautiful and just took it in. Last time I something truely beautiful it was snowing. The kids were sticking their tongues out to taste the snow and unfortunately throwing junks of ice around or licking it or doing both. I told them to crush it with their feet. They dramtically stomped their feet. They enjoyed the sound of the ice cracking and so did I. We went inside and made hot chocolate. It tasted like nothing because we didn't have enough powder but the children drank it all like it was nectar.

The End

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