Curtains, Asterisks and Happiness


I’m afraid this is totally off topic and may not even be very debatable but I just simply had to get this off my chest! Does anyone find that little things like pulling the curtains or when there is a choice of two things, you almost ALWAYS pick the wrong one! Why is that? I actually, to test it out, did an experiment where every time I pulled the curtains I would remember each time whether I pulled the right string and seriously, I think out of 10, 9 of those times I pulled the wrong string. And still now, every time I go to pull the curtains, even with serious concentration, I pull the wrong one.

And it’s not just curtains. Does anyone find this or am I just going mad? And do you have any other instances where this is true? I would love to hear your stories. Sorry if this isn’t very debatable and feel free to move onto something else but I just thought I would put this out there.


Also in reply to Rejected Muse’s post about punctuation, I simply had to reply to this. My favourite punctuation mark is the asterisk *. First of all it’s in the shape of a star which is in itself pretty to look at and symmetrically satisfying. Also, like the tilde, has a number of uses. I most frequently use it in instant message conversations (of which I am an obsessive user). I don’t even know if it’s how it’s supposed to be used but it fits my purposes perfectly. For instance, it is very difficult to illustrate actions/emotions through typing and to get round this I denote the * before and after them. For example…*gasps*…*in hysterics*…*breathy laugh*. Hmm, I can see I’m getting some strange looks, so moving on! Obviously, it can also be used in place of letters that do not want to be disclosed, such as in swear words, which I think is rather ingenious…need I give any examples? Thirdly, I personally often use it in stories, in fact, between chunks of paragraphs to indicate a long period of time/different point of view being shown by another character in the story; just to indicate to the reader a change of scene.

So there you have it. I’m sure there are plenty more uses which I haven’t even scraped the surface of but didn’t want to ramble too much. Is it not just the most wonderful punctuation character you have ever come across?!

Previous posts on happiness & life:

I agree with Moonwalker. I think that I would rather just live life as it comes rather than have a limited time with lots of happiness. Just because if you have day after day of perfection wouldn’t it just get boring and lose its charm? It’s like they say ‘having too much of a good thing’. If nothing bad happened, and you never looked forward to the time when things started looking up, then it wouldn’t be such a contrast and a natural high when something did go right and you had a really good day once in a while. If there are no extremes or levels of happiness and sadness, how can you appreciate the better days?

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