Just a few things..

Hey, I loved the passion within that message. Debates are brilliant, especially when you get to see the different views held by people around the world.

It would be interesting to see if different cultures and different countries hold different opinions on things... i'm English with being born in Bradford and now down in Brighton by the way, although i think my views and beliefs are quite rare, regardless of the geography.

"Saying, oh well, that's just a trait in their genes is taking away their free will more than the laws that restrict them from practicing their addictions! People are born innocent and pure, and it is the life they live and the choices they make that make them who they are. Yes, an addiction is very much a chemical inbalance in the brain, but they are the one to chose to start."

With regards to this, you need to be careful. There is a good example with crack babies (which, off topic, sounds like a proper tasty pick n mix offering, although i bet they'd weigh a ton.. stick to flumps and flying saucers) who are born addicted and chemically imbalanced and probably changed forever. They also say that pregnant  women who smoke weed can actually change the growth of the babies brain, so essentially they will give birth to someone totally different to weed-free. And this is my point really... whatever the pregnant woman does or the whichever environments the baby is put in have the potential to change essentially the destiny of that baby.

You know that you can give children allergies to things in the womb, well you can also change it mentally, as well as physically.

And everyone is born innocent.. of course they are. Just in my opinion, everyone dies innocent too and we shouldn't judge or punish people with the moral chip on our shoulder because:

  • We can never know the full circumstances for someone doing something. There are mental factors as well as physical ones, and you can never get inside someone's head.
  • laws and rules always change... to follow the most popular consensus. But THAT does not make them necessarily right. For example, do you think that it is okay to treat someone with darker skin than yourself as a slave? Back in the day, that was fine, and you would have been thought of as a weirdo if you thought otherwise. So someone in the 1900s would be innocent then but guilty now, and how can they have choice over when they were born?

So i'm basically saying that I think it is, in the great scheme of things, wrong to punish or judge people, BUT if we didn't, then the world would be taken over (even more so) by those less morally inclined, and we'd have power wars and slave states and what not. So we're stuck with this world for now.

I'm writing this at work, so excuse me if any of it doesn't make sense.. them pesky customers interrupting me

The End

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