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Wow, this is really gonna get me going! I've never done much ranting before because I like to have an open-mind and avoid obsessing over single topics....But, I do have a lot of strong ideas I like sharing. And so maybe, for starters, I will address the previous post that Kevichella wrote.

So, here goes:

You are saying that everyone should have the right and free will to do whatever they like so long as they do not harmfully affect others. Well, first of all, the very fact that they are doing it, means that others will be encouraged to do so as well; it's a subconscious pure pressure follow like sheep mentality. It happens.

Secondly, the rules that say you cannot do some things are in place to help people resist such things. Because, face it, a lot of the time the actions that are frowned upon are also disliked by the very people doing them--because they are addicted to them. Any rule that will stop people from beginning an addiction is a good rule.

Yes, rules restrict you and filter what you can and cannot do, but until humanity is at the stage where people can consciously chose their every action based upon their deepest beliefs, rules are useful.

The rules are there to stop people from beginning the addictions. They're not just there to annoy the hell out of those already addicted. And, though they add an unwanted pressure, they are helpful in getting people to stop the addictions.

Another thing: if someone is doing something harmful to themselves or living an unhealthy lifestyle, then to help them is to help humanity as a whole. You could say it is their problem and if they're stuck doing it, then leave them be so long as they don't hurt anyone else, but that would be cruel.

So, you're probably asking, what happens if someone truly enjoys one of these frowned upon actions. Well, my answer is that there are an infinite number of more enjoyable actions. Think of all that is out there in the world to busy yourself with, all the life to be lived, all the things to experience...and some people are locked in their basements repeating the same rituals they did yesterday. They enjoy it, do they? Right. Moving on.

So now you're saying that everything should be legalized because it's just too hard on those addicted when there are laws restricting them. Easy access to their addictions. Well, again, that's gonna mean a whole lot more people are going to start the addictions. And that's not good in my mind. I think the evolution of consciousness should be eliminating addictions and habits. Taking away laws to allow easy access to these things will be going in the opposite direction. And people are already growing dumb enough with alcohol and television and mindless stimulants.

And...OHhhh man. Now you're really gonna get me going...

You've said 'if you are born to be that way'. Are you trying to tell me that some babies are paedophiles? You are not born with any of those qualities! Babies do not have any of those qualities! I mean, saying you're just stuck with such qualities because that's just the way you are is a terrible burden to place on people! Now that is a restrictive rule! That's far worse than any laws! It's saying that someone cannot change!! And that is going backwards in the evolution of consciousness. Saying, oh well, that's just a trait in their genes is taking away their free will more than the laws that restrict them from practicing their addictions! People are born innocent and pure, and it is the life they live and the choices they make that make them who they are. Yes, an addiction is very much a chemical inbalance in the brain, but they are the one to chose to start. And there would be far more people starting if it was completely legal and accessible.

Eliminating those laws is like trying to take the easy way out and not fight it. But then you're just giving up. I'd like humanity to move on, and start thinking for itself. We are not just a chain reaction of chemicals sloshing through a mushy brain. And at the same time, we are not amazing enough to live without laws and habits. We need some predefined structure to keep us on track. One day though, we'll truly find the meaning behind free will, each choice we make will be an addition to our masterpiece of life, and there will be no need for laws. Well...at least, that's a shining image that may serve as some motivation.

I'm motivated. Are you?

The End

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