...there's Kevichella with an oh-so-evil joint

(This turned out to be quite the multi-topic rant... but i guess that's what being at work can do to you... i also might get a few enemies here, but i'm just trying to be open minded... i'll also put subtitles for ease of replying)

Hey Tip... before i get cracking.. you put

  • "It is also worth noting that 88% of smokers do not die of old age,"

did you mean they DO die of old age, or they don't die of smoking related diseases? Or were you saying it was better to die of smoke related illnesses than old age? I'm a bit confused.

Right, so here is where I stand on the issue:

You should be able to do anything (and i mean anything) you like, if it doesn't hurt anyone else. Regardless of what it does to the practitioner. It's their choice, no one elses

BUT if something can hurt someone else, then it shouldn't necessarily be frowned upon. For example, driving a car can hurt someone, if they decide to walk in front of it, but that doesn't mean it should be illegalized (i know that's not the official word, but it should be).

The same with smoking. Firstly, let me say i'm not a smoker, well, other than weed (and even then, not often (although that's down to supply rather than demand)) and well, weed is another argument i may get onto here.

There should be areas for people who want to smoke, and by that i don't mean little bus shelters, which, although hillarious, must proper annoy the smoking community.

What my ideal city would include

There should be proper designated areas for all sorts of things though, in my opinion:

  • An area to go for legal prostitution (divided into different genres)... like a better Amsterdam
  • An area where you can go and do different drugs... again like a better Amsterdam. Imagine cafe's for weed, IMAX's for mushrooms, Nightclubs for all the energy drugs, Pubs for the chatty/lovey drugs... You could put an area for tobacco fiends too
  • And other things I haven't thought about... When you have drink, drugs and sex, what more do you need? Well, music i guess, but that's all good already if you ask me.

Legalizing everything would make it infinitely safer, with drugs and contents being checked and monitored; it would get rid of pimps and drug dealers (well, in their current forms..); people may get addicted to some things, but there would be more and better help for dealing with it, and people wouldn't think you are the spawn of satan if you did get addicted to something.

Alcohol and tobacco are drugs, like all the others, and i think they attribute more deaths than all the rest (of course, they are alot mroe accessible, so that needs to be taken into account) but my main point is, we should be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

Proper Food
Like proper food. All this stupid low fat, low salt, diluted versions of stuff that are replacing the proper nice tasting stuff of old... i bet if we found and tasted an old packet of Walkers crisps, it would be like a taste explosion. We should have the opportunity to choose from healthy or downright death-defying food.

And that gets me onto paedophiles.. apparently you can no longer film kids at school functions (especially if you're a guy) for fear that you are a paedo... meaning that parents can't capture those special moments and kids will never be able to look back on them due to a fear of 0.01% of the population (if that). I think it is ridiculous myself, and you should be able to film away to your hearts content, and we should stop catering for the minority. And to be honest, i couldn't care less if I was a kid and got filmed playing football, or in a choir or in a play by some "filthy" man.. it's not exactly hurting me in any way, and if it gets them off, who cares.. i have the feeling that most (if not all) paedo's have a constant moral fight with themselves, and i bet it is like an addiction, that you can try and ignore, but it will build up and up until you either kill yourself or act on it. Compare it to them people who are attracted to structures and vehicles... the program i was watching on it was showing them saying about how they tried to resist and ignore the feelings, because they felt they were unnatural and wrong, but as time passed, the feelings got stronger, and they were basically powerless in the end against it. So my point is, surely, if paedophilia is comparable to that, and there is an addictive and preordained quality about it, if you are born to be that way, then it would be better for them to relieve themselves to a video of a kid-kev scoring an overhead kick than a more physical encounter? I believe it is something that should be helped rather than shunned and made out to be evil, because imagine being born with that quality... it's not your fault, and you could fight it all you want, but in the end, it comes down to either killing yourself, being in miserable denial, or confronting and acting upon it. If there was help for people with this problem (and others like it) then maybe it would be reduced or even stopped... who knows?

Which brings me onto terrorism...

actually... i'll leave that for now, i think for the moment, i've provided enough food for thought.

The End

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