You're talking utter Jack

Well, no, you're not, but the title made me laugh.

I was having a think about what you said because it's sort of what i believe too, but i'm not sure if it's definitely like that.

People react differently to things, at different times, so that you could get mugged and think "why is life so bad?", or you could get mugged and think "poor guy/gal, being so desperate to have to resort to that" or "for a mugger, she was actually quite hot."

It's all about perspective. And here's where I'm going with this, because at the moment it doesn't relate. Back in the day, when i was a wee Kev, i was some sort of ball of sunshine. I was always happy, always looking on the bright side of things, and when something bad did happen, i either didn't register it, or i did but justified the happenings so that i was okay with it. So as a kid, i didn't really experience sadness. I even remember being young and doing it... and my parents say i was a happy and good kid. I was never even down really.. not until i reached the age girls started to claw at my heart.

So my point is, although i thought i agreed with needing the sadness to make the happiness sweeter, the best times of my life were during that time of innocence, we're i was idealistic and positive and unscarred. The greatest feeling EVER was being in love, which came later, but that was before i had experienced pain in that area... these days when i fall in love, i feel the weight of all the scars and baggage i carry around and it makes it harder to feel as happy or as content... Too much sadness and negativity has made me think more negatively now, and because of that, i can't commit fully to happiness, for fear of it going pear shaped.

Of course, if i suddenly found love (which is where the heart of my happiness lies) and it was stable and lasted forever, then maybe it would feel nicer to know i've been through the dumps and have reached happiness again. I'll bear that in mind if things take a turn

The End

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