Thoughts on Happiness

Alright, I may sound a little extreme in this, but I'm ready for it. I think. I hope.

So. Happiness. I'm one of those crazies who believes strongly in binaries. In this case, happy vs. unhappy. To make the argument more clear, however, I'll use the allegory of pleasure vs. pain.

Binaries exist as a form of measurement. Without one, you would not be able to recognize the other. Such is the way that the human mind works. I also think that the experience of one enhances the other. Take for example a plot of dirt. You can construct a building upon it to nearly indefinite heights, but it gets harder and harder the higher it gets. This is the same too for both happiness and pleasure. However, what if you dug out a hole first? Then you could pour a proper foundation, increasing the height of your building. And what if you dug a really deep hole and constructed parts of the building below ground? True, it would not be as high but it would still be larger.

D'you understand what I'm getting at? Happiness can only be experienced to a full degree by a presence of unhappiness at some point. Without that unhappiness to build upon, it is hard to define when you are, in fact happy. Happiness is also built out of the hole that is unhappiness. When you eventually reach ground level, dragging yourself out of the pit, you are much happier, it seems, than the person who has been standing on level ground the whole time.

Call me crazy, call me a pessimist or even a little bit of a masochist, but those are my thoughts.

I'm rambling now, though I think I'm actually making sense. Well, making sense to me, at least...

Now, it would only seem right that the binary of my thoughts would be... your thoughts. Quite.

The End

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