Ezy Answer

Having partaken in many so called 'happy pills' as well as other mood enhancing drugs, I feel qualified to argue the point that it is not real happiness.

The sensation and effect, even the cause and by that I mean the release of endorphins, is completely unnatural, surely the point of being happy is that some event or occasion has made you happy?

My other issue is the after effect, commonly referred to as the 'come down' this is, for anyone lucky enough to have never experienced one, the most disgusting, horrible feeling in the world.

Taking an E and having a good reaction can truly 'feel' like the happiest you have ever been, everyone is super cool and you can't bare the thought of them not being around you forever, for about three to five hours if your lucky.

Then comes the sinking feeling, when everything around you seems to just drive you insane, your teeth have been been clenched for so long your jaw has locked and for some reason (at least for me) only films with hot chicks and fast cars seems to hold your interest, not that you can actually focus on the screen for any amount of time.

Your brain is wired and sleep impossible, even if you were lucky to hook up with anyone, you can forget that, which is terrible as your sex drive goes through the window.

Surely the point of happiness is to be happy and not wait for the moment you feel a hundreds times worse than you did before you took the damn thing, surely its to have the endorphins released and stay released?

Given the option, I'd rather never know happiness again than force it as I have.

The End

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