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I was watching Top Gear the other night, and Clarkson was saying about how some Tate Gallery boffin quoted art as being... well i will paraphrase as i can't remember the quote: art is something that has no purpose except itself (or something like that).

So if a computer game would have to be made wqithout taking into consideration playability, difficulty, making sense and any other things that are normally taken into account when making a "good" game.



Would you rather live:
80 years of 3/10 happiness,
30 years of 5/10 happiness or
1 year of 9/10 happiness?
How about 1 day of 10/10 happiness?

By that I mean the average happiness.. rather than just a block of it. Also you would not be aware of the time frame or that you were going to average at that... it would all be like a normal life.

I initially set out to write that i'd put 10/10 for one day, but now i'm not so sure... 9/10 for 1 year would be pretty brilliant, but where does it stop... would I go up to 5 years of 8/10? Probably not.

The way i see it with regards to this is that 10/10 for one day would be, well, perfect. Imagine having the most perfect of days and then never waking up again, so that if you do have a soul that lives on when you die, it has an imprint of a wonderful time on it.

I'd probably choose the perfect one day over the awesome one year, but how about you?

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