About Love

The Mist put out a challenge - prove to me that all you need is love. Well, there is no proof, because you can't actually live on love. You need food, water, shelter - at least one change of underwear, and preferably a job. However, there is such a thing as true love, that lasts as long as you both want it, and you both work at it.

I have known my husband for 37 years. We dated for 5 years. We are now in our 32nd year of marriage. Our marriage has survived the deaths of of two deeply loved family members, job losses, evil coworkers, and painful family relationships.

We have weathered many many storms, but we've had more than our fair share of bright sunshiny days, too. The wonderful euphoria, and blazing flame of first  love cannot maintain itself forever. It will burn out eventually, but it is up to the both of you to keep the burning embers of love, friendship, companionship, and mutual acceptance alive.

Everyone needs love of some sort, some connection to the rest of the world, otherwise you're adrift - alone, without direction. Love can occur in so many forms, not just romantic love. I love my sister deeply, and we talk every week, but she drives me crazy. Her lifestyle is completely on the other side of the spectrum from mine, and we fight - a lot.  But the thing is, we still love each other. we agree to disagree.

Love isn't all you need, but it is something that most people do need some  of!

And that's my thoughts on the subject of love.


The End

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