Re: Video Games...

A resounding YES indeed. Not only do I share the opinion that video games are a form of art, but I am also enrolled in classes in university that teach video games as an art. All in all, they're my most favourite classes at present.

However, this brings an interesting conflict in the gaming world. I am sure those gamers filling with nostalgia at the mere sight of Super Mario would be up in arms should their entertainment and memories be cloistered away in the field of art. Art critics picking it apart to find hidden secrets. English teachers pulling and prodding at the narration in a desperate search for theme, symbolism, and simile. Historians secluding this art to dimly lit museums to preserve it for future generations. It would be terrible, would it not?

As such, I believe it would be best to keep the realm of the video game safe from the realm of art, lest we in our actions drive the price of such masterpieces into figures matching those of art's elect.

Console connoisseurs, remain quiet in your glee, we beg you. I beg you. Mario begs you.

The End

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