Mist the point (i know i stole that) on love

To be honest, i didn't read all of your post, Mister Mistski, because I just had to start writing on what you said at the top. I'll probably read it after i post this and go "oh crap... " and have to edit it, but we'll see.

"love is all around... it's everywhere i go..."

.... i HAVE felt this way, from two seperate things actually... the first was from drugs... if anyone has done ecstacy (or in my case, the legal ecstasy we get down here in the brighton shops), it changes your perception so that everything just seems wonderful, and you can totally justify going up to strangers and saying "wow, i love you man!" because it is true.

And when i've been in love, it has been exactly the same. I think love is a chemical reaction, and changes your perception on things. I've loved the world, even still aware of it's faults, i've loved myself, i've loved the bus driver who waited for me as i ran after it, and many other things, all because of love.

But i still think maybe it was a song about being on ecstasy.


Love is the last thing you need.

I agree with this... whenever i've been in love (every other day... check my poetry) and loved back (which is important, cos it transforms the worst feeling in the world into the best feeling in the world) I would happily agree to my life ending then and there, at the height of happiness. I feel almost like it's dicing with fate to carry on in a relationship as the past shows that it always goes wrong, and then your memories which were once pure and beautiful are even tainted by the recent events, leaving you hurt, depressed and almost wishing the past had never happened.

Wonderful love does exist, and i've been involved in it, but it has been destroyed for various reasons out of my control... if both people are happy and willing to give anything, then you have a chance. If only you are willing to give anything, then you are going to end up badly hurt.


I hate the way if you like someone or even love them, you feel guilty about it, if they dont feel the same way? It's a compliment to them for a start, that you, whether purposefully or without meaning to, dedicate your soul and thoughts to them, so why should you feel bad about it?

Also why are there so many games to play? The last time i fell in love with someone i thought "enough of the games" and just came out and tyold her exactly how i feel. And guess what? It frightened her away, leaving me feel regretful for being honest, guilty for some unknown reason and hihgly miserable.

Love is the best thing in the world, but it is also the worst.

The End

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