All You Need Is Love.......?

“Love, love, love”

We all know these lyrics,

“Love, love, love”

Everyone over the age of, what, 15 knows this song?

“All you need is love!”

Possibly, the most famous love song ever?

“Love is all you need!”

To the final line of the chorus, I respectfully disagree, I prefer,

“Love is the last thing you need!”

My issue here is not with the lyrics of this famous Beatles track, but more the point it makes and the realism behind the words, my basic argument is that love is actually the last thing you need.

Have you ever been in love?

I know now I can put my hand on my heart and say, “yes, I have”.

Was it wonderful, did the earth move when we were together, did she light up my life and make it feel so much more worthwhile, yes, at first, but that doesn’t change the effect it had.

You can’t sleep because your brain is so active thinking about the person you love.

You can’t eat as the thinking about them kills your appetite.

You can’t concentrate on work, or play, and possibly the worst thing, is you start associating everything around you with them a song that reminds you of them suddenly becomes “your song”.

You see a child and start picturing families and homes in the future, and this is all just what happens when things are good.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those who have made their love survive their whole lives, I see old couples at work who are fond of telling us the stories of when they were young, separated by the war, convinced they would never see each other again and finally being reunited, but was it love that kept them going, or was it the war escalating it?

Take probably the second most famous love song of all time,

“Love is all around me, it’s everywhere I go!”

Yeah, but is it?

When was the last time you really looked at a couple and though, “wow, their so in love”

I usually end up working Valentine’s Day and honestly, I have never looked at a couple and even thought for a second that they were soul mates or life partners, in fact usually end up thinking, “Wow, he’s boring and you could hang a shirt of her nose!”

So, why do I feel that “Love is the last thing you need”?

How many of you have been in love, I mean really, not obsessed, it’s easy to mistake the two, obsession over someone you want and can’t have can produce some of the same symptoms as being in love, or “love sick”, but it is not being in love.

I have loved completely, more than that, it was the first and only time I ever loved.  Honestly before I met her I didn’t think I actually could.  We worked together for two and a bit years, it was just over our first year together, as closest of friend, that I realised how I felt.  Oh I tried to shrug it off, so many times, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s not that easy.

She was living with an arse of a man, lazy and ignorant and worst of, utterly paranoid.  After watching her go through a year of hell with him, she finally ended it and three months later, we got together, completely out of the blue, it just happened, and I couldn’t believe it.

Till that point I had never heard of anyone falling for someone before anything ever happened, never having the strength to tell them and actually ending up with them, I was over the freakin rainbow happy, but seven months later, having decided she was not ready for, nor want another relationship, it ended.

The mess left behind wasn’t even a shadow of me.

Anti-depressants , anti-anxiety  and incredibly powerful sleeping pills, psychiatry sessions and a pain like nothing I have ever felt before (and I’ve been stabbed twice), that’s what I got from love.

I’d love someone to prove me wrong, prove to me that all the hype love gets is actually deserved that pain and heart break, therapy bills and cocktails of drugs aren’t all love leads too.

Prove to me that love is not just the world’s most useless chemical imbalance.

Prove to me,

that all you need,

Is love.

The End

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