A punctuation predicament

As writers (and readers), I’m sure we can all agree on the importance of punctuation.  However, I posit that the tilde (~) is the best typographical mark in existence.

The tilde is a diverse keystroke, spanning language and mathematics.  In language, the tilde likes to have company and will usually join with another character (a fixer-upper, as it were) to change the pronunciation; it will occasionally be left to its own devices and can fill the void of an entire word admirably.  In math, the tilde is a mediator and a peacemaker, bringing others together and standing in for the cumbersome expression of equivalencies, similarities, and approximations.

As if these varied uses were not enough, the sweeping curve of the tilde is the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye – an art form in itself.  The hill and valley of its rolling wave promise great things to follow.

Thus, the tilde is my great keyboard love, combining form and function in the perfect punctuation package.  Don’t agree with me?  What’s your favourite punctuation mark?

The End

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