No, I Can't Make an Exception Just For You

The place where I work has some pretty steadfast rules.  There's things we can do, things we can not. It's a gas station, it kind of has to be organized.

And over the course of any given shift I am consistently floored by the high opinion that people have of themselves.  Thinking that I am willing to risk my job and break the rules just for them.  Keep in mind please, these are people I have never met before in my life.

Not saying that I can break rules for people I know, I can't.  Let's be realistic though, if a friend asks me for a favor I'm far more likely to do it than if some stranger on the street asks me.  Flawed logic maybe, I don't know, but that's life. 

Back to my point.  My biggest peeve?  The fire lane.  We have a fire lane in front of the store.. NO PARKING.  Customer will come in, I nicely explain that they have parked in a fire lane and could they please move?

"I'll just be a minute."

"Oh.. well I won't do it next time."

"Everyone else parks there."

"Sue me."

And my absolute all-time favorite...

"Well you're not planning to have a fire in the next five minutes."

Who on earth would plan to have a fire at a gas station?!

This is not just my little rule that I made up... it's a city by-law.  Not only can city officials give you a $150 fine, police officers and fire fighters can too.  But every single day I suffer abuse from the mouths (and the odd middle finger salute) of people who think that they are above these rules.

Next on my list?  People who think the pre-pay law is optional. 

It's not.

Get over it.

I can not take the pump off pre-pay and allow you to pump your gas and then let you come inside and pay for it. 

For starters, it's not possible.  I just flat-out don't have the ability to make the computer do that... those keys aren't left out for me to use.  Secondly, why on earth would I risk loosing up to $100 worth of business for my boss?  You're honest?  I can trust you?  You promise to come in a pay for it?

If you think people are all really like that, I have some shares in the warmest climate in the world for you, located right next to the South Pole... how much warmer can you get than ALL the way south?

The End

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