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BATMAN :-  Super Hero?


This is a debate a friend and I have argued many times, both hardened Batman fans, are argument is simply this,

“Is Batman a Super Hero?”

My friend’s argument is that through sheer act alone, Batman is a super hero,

Ok, well done, what do you want a gold star?

Batman uses technology to fight crime and save lives in Gotham City, generally speaking super hero’s don’t usually limit themselves to one place, they go where their needed, although a lot have familiar settings such as New York, Gotham City and Metropolis.

Back to the technology, by definition a super hero has a super human power, of which Batman has none.

Batman is not a super hero, he is a dark knight.

“Hang on a sec, what about Iron Man?” I hear you retort, yes Iron Man does use technology to do his thing, however, Tony Starks heart is only kept beating through the power of (from recent movie) the Arc Reactor in his chest (again as mentioned in recent movie) which has the capacity to power a human heart for three life times, without the arc Tony would die, there for, Tony Stark has a super human heart, with which he powers his armour suits Iron Man and War Machine, in my opinion making him a super hero.

"So, which super hero’s by the definition of Super Hero are in fact super heroes, what about possibly the most famous of all, the Man of Steel, Superman himself, surely he’s a super hero?"


Superman is, as he himself clearly stated during the interview with Lois Lane, ‘I Spent The Night With Superman’, that he is an alien from another world, Krypton, long dead after it’s sun exploded and took Krypton with it.  Superman makes no secret of who he is or where he comes from and explains that his abilities come from his dense DNA reacting to our solar systems yellow sun.

So Superman has no super human abilities, because he is not human


Clarke Kent on the other hand may well be considered a super hero, especially since the retelling of the superman story through the television series, Smallville.  The show goes into more detail than anyone has ever before on Clarke’s arrival on earth and the matter of his adoption as let’s face it, you can’t just find a child and keep it.

So Clarke is legally adopted and grows up, moves to Metropolis and gets a job, he has a social security number and address, passport and any other legal documents you can name to state quite clearly, he is human, and posses super human powers, again in my opinion, a super hero, Superman I would personally label a protector of the earth.

So who’s safe and who’s not, who are super heroes?

I won’t go into them all, it would take decades and I haven’t read or watched nearly enough on them all, but I will leave with one more debate for you.

The X-Men and Spider-Man...

“X-Men, without a doubt, gotta be super heroes, right....right?”


“But they have super human powers and their humans”

Argue all you want, the X-Men are humans yes, and they do have abilities that we do not, BUT, the X-Men are  evolution, they are what the human race will all one day be, they won’t be super human then, will they, mankind will just have different powers from one another, different talents and abilities, which let’s face it, we do today, there will always be someone who can run faster, swim harder or play chess better, or hey, write better, and I rather imagine, that’s what inspired the idea in the first place.

Spider-Man, well, I couldn’t start this debate and not finish it without bringing up my number one hero, my first hero, the guy who had me climbing the banisters at home, my brother skidding along the carpet like Ice Man on a Saturday morning while mum was out shopping, but is my hero a super hero

Oh hell yeah

Of course he is, Peter Parker, the High School/College (depending on which legacy your following) nerd whose life is literally turned upside down and left hanging on a web when a radioactive/ genetically engineered super spider, bites him on the hand and gives him super human strength, speed, reflexes, the ability to walk on walls (although I have no idea how he can do it with his boots on) and a super sixth spider sense, again depending on what you follow he either built his own web slingers or they grew from his arm.

“Hang on, back at the top of all this, you said super heroes didn’t restrict themselves to one place”

Yes, you’re quite right, I did, and if you care to google Spider-Man, you’ll find he not only visited many other countries in comic and cartoon and even the old 70’s television series, he even went to another galaxy and became Captain Universe.

Well that’s it, please feel free to post a counter argument just don’t forget to bracket into the chapter title the name of the person you’re responding to,

Thanks for reading

The End

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