The Protagonize Court of Criminal Justice

A special report from the diligent writers and reporters of The East Wallingford Chronicle, with help from others master journalists (or not), chronicalling the proceedings of the Protagonize Court of Criminal Justice.

The East Wallingford Chronicle SPECIAL REPORT

The Protagonize Court of Criminal Justice will come to session tomorrow for a yet-to-be-disclosed, yet certainly unprecedented, trial.  Nearly all details of the case have been kept from the public, "For obvious reasons," explains senior detective Ian MacKenzie on behalf of local law enforcement.  "This particular case has been so unusual, and because of the creative nature of the folks involved, it could has too much potential to be completely warped.  So, to make it easier on us, we've decided to release all details at once, in a more-or-less controlled setting."

To deliver the details of this potentially-amazing display of judicial prowess, several reporters from your very own East Wallingford Chronicle, along with a handful or two of other journalists, will extensively cover this case.  We will work tirelessly to make sure all facts are presented to our public (and occasionally throwing in personal commentary for good measure) in this unprecedented case.

Judith Seeairee
Court Correspondant

The End

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