Memory Bugs

People tell me that I'm forgetful. They are soo.. wrong. It's the memory bugs. They climb into your ears whenever you're not looking. That happens often for me, because I don't look into my ears a lot. It would require two mirrors and a level of contortionism that I am no longer capable of, being of a certain umm.. uh, age.

There you see, it took me awhile to pull that last word out of the drooling jaws of the memory bugs that nest in my brain. They steal my words and ideas, and sometimes my keys, my glasses, my cup of coffee, my shoes, I left it in a parking lot, somewhere. The memory bugs ate the location. Luckily our car has a GPS system.

The memory bugs are nasty critters. They prey on the vulnerable minds of the aging, and teenagers. The teen bugs are even more cunning, because they are selective. They only eat memories pertaining to homework, household chores,  and lawn mowing.

The memory bugs are very very hard to get rid of once they have built a nest in your head. Standing in the shower with your head tilted for the water to run into your ears, is ineffective. It just makes the bugs mad, and they eat the memory of having to shut the water off.

People call me absent minded. Of course it's absent, the bugs ate it all!

The End

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