The Protagonize Book of Otherwordly Oddities, Plants and Creatures

Between these pages are described the numberless inhabitants of all universes created by Protagonizers. Please participate in adding to the collection of oddities, plants and creatures.


As we all know, every wonderous world is populated by wonderous creatures, plants and other strange things that perhaps escape the known nomenclature of living things.

This project is an attempt, perhaps in great futility, to document the existence of said plants, creatures or other living things.

It is strongly suggested that you add your own personal creatures to the list.

Feel free to describe your creations by name, personality (if applicable), abilities and function within the ecological system in which they exist.

You may also describe who it is that first discovered the subject of your entry, and perhaps write a short story on the events leading up to the discovery.

Don't be shy, even the smallest or seemingly insignificant creation has the right to be noted in this document.

Cheers :D

The End

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