Chapter One (Part 2)

As Samuel walked away from his Prospect, the mask he had kept on fell away from his face, showing the true fear he had hidden from her.

Sometimes, he hated being Alpha- and not just that, he hated being the High Alpha, the leader of all the Werewolf packs. All the rule changes had been his idea in recent years. The witches spells, Prospects not being allowed to turn until their twenty-first spin. Sometimes, he thought maybe their laws were too much. Each pack had at least five Prospects to look after, and 21 spins was a long time. Human injuries and illness could kill them. Vampires could bite them. It was hard.

And soon, everything would be passed on to Elizabeth. Being a Werewolf prolonged life- not as much as a vampire’s, but still long enough.  Samuel looked to be in his thirties, but he was really over 75 spins old. And for the first time, he really felt his age. And he had so much to do. He had to make sure she was ready, and he had to try and stop what was going to happen.

No matter how impossible it seemed.

Samuel walked slowly back to the pack house, his head whirling with ideas- ways to change everything. But he couldn’t think of a way to change it all.

“Sir?” Connor stood up from the sofa, watching his Alpha.

Samuel snapped out of his thoughts. “Connor. Well?”

The young ‘Wolf waited until Samuel had sat down before he did, and he picked his words carefully. “Elizabeth isn’t ready.”

“Why not?”

 “Because…” Connor struggled to find the words. “She doesn’t believe she can do it. She doesn’t think she is capable, doesn’t think we would follow her. She doesn’t think she is one of us.”

Samuel sighed, closing his eyes “She will have to learn to be one of us. You will have to show her she is ready, Connor.”

“I try, Sir.” Connor’s voice softened. “I try to make her understand. She can fight, hunt, she knows everything. But she won’t accept it.”

Interesting. Samuel thought. He could hear the pride in the boy’s voice as he spoke, and the frustration he held against the girl for not listening to him. But there was something else. Samuel frowned, opening his eyes. “Connor. What are your feelings about Elizabeth?’

Connor blushed, betraying him. “She will make a good Alpha, Sir.”

Samuel laughed. “Good answer. But the truth?”

“I care about her.” Connor looked away from his leader, out of the small window. “She is smart and brilliant. But it doesn’t matter. We cannot be together.”

Samuel stood up and walked over to the young ‘Wolf, putting his hand on his shoulder. “Times are changing, Connor. She will need you next to her.” He walked away and leant against the wall, speaking quietly. “She will need the people she loves around her. She will need help.”

Connors eyes filled with worry. “Sir…”

“Don’t.” The Alpha held up his hand, stopping the boy from speaking. “Don’t, Connor. I can’t tell you what is going on. You will have to trust me. And trust Elizabeth.”

Connor nodded. “I will, Sir.” He whispered, walking out the door to go and find his Prospect.

The End

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