The Prospect's Truce Prologue

The second in the DarkOrb series.
Lukas and Sophia are finding allies....and Sapphire is trying to stop them.
what will happen?

The moons glowed brightly in the sky, giving the ground a ghostly feel. The Lupin Moon was full, bright orange, and the world was full of Werewolf packs, hunting until the sun would show her face.

Samuel’s pack was no different. The thirty wolves her was Alpha of were spread around his forest, where he thought they would be safe.

But he was being watched. In the treetops above, two purples eyes gleamed out, watching the brown wolf’s every move. As he ran on the ground, the vampire jumped from tree to tree, following him.

Samuel was unaware of the vampire above him, busy training and teaching a newly bitten wolf. The white wolf bounded happily behind Samuel, and every now and then, the Alpha would turn and snap at the lower wolf. Trying to hunt with a loud youth was not going well for the leader.

The vampire chuckled, not caring about being heard. The Alpha stopped, his head cocked to the side. He slowly raised his head, his brown eyes meeting the vampires. His lips pulled back, and he snarled.

The vampire crouched and pushed herself off the branch, landing silently in front of Samuel. She reached forwards and stroked the fur from his eyes to his nose.

“Put the teeth away, Samuel. It really doesn’t suit you.” She smiled, tapping his nose and stepping back to wait. The wolf slowly backed away, still snarling. The vampire sighed. “I really thought it wouldn’t come to this, Samuel.” She whistled loudly, and then put her finger to her lips. The whole forest went silent, then erupted in noise. Wolves howling in pain, fear, calling for help. Samuel’s head whipped around, not knowing what to do. He finally turned back to the vampire, sitting down and staring at her.

The vampire laughed. “Good boy. Listen to me, Samuel. Help me, Samuel, and your pack will live. Try to hurt me, or run from me, and every single wolf will die.” Samuel blinked, and bowed his head in understanding. “Well done. You know me, Samuel. I am Sapphire. I run the Nest now. And you are going to help me do something.” The girl’s eyes turned pink as she spoke, showing the anger she had inside. “You are going to help me in the upcoming war. Your friend Lukas- you will be my trap for him.”

Sapphire knew what she was doing. Choosing the night when Samuel couldn’t talk back meant that she would be in control. And she knew that he had to do what she told him. He had to protect his pack, whatever the cost. Even if the cost would be a friend.

She stood as she finished talking, her eyes bright. “Thank you, Samuel.” She laughed, running off before the sun came up.

Samuel watched her go, his brown eyes full of worry. He suddenly wished he wouldn’t turn back into a human again.

The End

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