Revelation and Discovery

"Clovin! What the-"

I had to stop, sobbing had tuned to wailing, he was going hysterical.


"OUCH! What was that for!" He said glaring at me. This was better, this was Clovin.

"You went into hysterics for no apparent reason, it was irritating me." I replied with equal venom in my tone. I expected a scathing retort, but was only met my the shocking sadness in his eyes. Some one had hurt him. Someone had broken my brother.

"Clovin, tell me what's wrong. " I whispered.

" I don't hate you, how could I ever hate you? You're all I've got."

"Clovin you're scaring me..."

He sighed and touseled his fluffy blonde hair.

"Last night I... I... well, you know like I've been with Alaya for a long time? Well... I thought that maybe... maybe it was the right time to... you know... make it official an-"

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA... Are we on the same page here? You asked her to marry you?"

"Yeah bu-"

"then why, are you not happy?"

"I'm getting there! Give me a minute!" He rolled his eyes at me as I made a zipping gesture over my mouth, then continued.

"Well when I... erm... 'popped the question'... she sort of just... stared at me and... then... and then... she, she just... laughed and said that I was just a bit of fun and that I couldn't really expect to marry her because she is aristocracy and I'm just a warrior..."

I felt the rage burn up inside me purer and more violent than anything I had felt before, I was losing control, and that could not be allowed to happen. Already the sky was going dark and the wind was picking up. Clovin saw what was happening and took it upon his self to slap me.

"Get a hold of your self Rae! She's not worth it"

I pictured myself throwing her out of my window and then dropping a tree on her. She had broken him, and I was not happy about it. But for his sake I reigned it in and kept it locked away like so many other things in my chest labeled 'DO NOT OPEN'.

"Sorry." I whispered. I need to be more careful next time.

He sighed again. "We're a right old pair aren't we?" He laughed pulling me in for a hug.


It was then I noticed, he was still in his boxer shorts.

"erm... Clove... Do me a favour and put some clothes on yeah?"

"Oh crap! Haha, yeah Mother will be home soon!" He turned to leave but the stopped and turned around again, "Thanks Rae, love you really you know" He smiled and left. I chuckled to myself quietly and turned to make myself some tea.


Came the voice in my head. If I didn't know it was Beth, I probably would have kecked myself.

What's up sweetie? I thought back

There's an intruder in the orchard, there has been a disturbance and some damage too.

Ugh, this day just kept getting better and better.

The End

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