The softer side of Clovin D'lista

Every day of my life I wake up, I do morning stuff, and get stared at. Clovin, my brother, Phh! No problem, blessed with good looks and an amazing physique nobody cares that he’s an Elemental, but his freaky haired twin sister, yeah it’s ok to stare at her.




I think I should begin by introducing myself. My name is Merae D’lista and I am the biggest freak in the history of my people. I am an Elf with hair the colour of the shadow of the universe (yeah I know…) and guess what I have no blood. Oh yeah, that was a riot when I found out, I was like, oh great that’s really made my day, I’m a freak with no blood! Basically this weirdness all has to do with my prophecy:

“Blood as thick to watch them all,

you shall prevail where others fall.

No one else will ever be,

better or as good as thee.

You bring the light when darkness falls,

and banish evil when it calls.

But doing this you shall go on,

until your true home comes along.”

Depressing huh? Well all I can say is I’d better find my true home soon because I am NOT trailing around after people my whole life I mean do I look like a nanny to you? Jeez! Anyway… where was I? Oh yes, my brother. Ladies man extraordinaire, village hottie and Elemental warrior. Surprisingly I am better than him at most things, he really is just a pretty face! I am a better Elemental than him, I fight better than him, I’m so much cleverer than him, I’m a faster runner and I have a prophecy about me. Even though I have all of that over him he is still seen as the better twin it’s always Clovin’s sister and NEVER Merae’s brother, today’s world is truly image orientated.




Today started as any other; I got up early so I could collect the dawn herbs and feed Beth. Beth is my dog; she’s also my best friend. As a puppy Beth got kidnapped by a human sorcerer, somehow she escaped and found her way home but when she returned she could do many things a normal dog couldn’t. She had the intelligence of an elder; she could run as fast as me (and I can outrun dragons in full flight!), she shared my power to put messages into people’s minds, she was immortal like the rest of us, and… she could TALK!!! That one took a while to get used to but once we got over it we realized that she is actually a real dog at heart, she can’t resist chasing a stick if you throw it and she barks when someone knocks on the door just like any other dog.  Anyway when I came in through the back door Clovin was stood in the kitchen in his boxer shorts looking shifty. Odd, Clovin NEVER walks around in his pants and NEVER looks shifty about anything because he is always proud of getting himself in trouble. It was then I realized he wasn’t shifty he was… down. I decided that I really wasn’t going to purse this any further, gave Clovin a look and walked out of the kitchen. I went into the cellar and put my herbs away then returned to the kitchen to tame my growling stomach. Clovin was still there and still staring at the wall. I sighed and went to the cupboard. It was empty. I felt the fury rising inside me like a flame, I was sick of this, sick of him. Who did he think he was? How dare he! “Clovin! Why do you hate me?” I yelled. He stared at me with an expression that was both shocked and hurt. Then... Burst into tears! What was going on?

The End

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