Chapter 1

After receiving an acceptance letter to a school I never applied for, I couldn't believe my luck as I could finally get away from my argumentative parents and cruel sister. But nothing could have prepared me for this. In a castle of magic and myths, I am a Weathemental, but I do not fit into any one of the four towers. I am Cariad Galon-Gwyn, the girl in the forgotten prophecy. I must save the world by fighting a English White Dragon from the beginning of time, as I am connected to the Welsh Red


I ran into the forest, my feet skimming the dry soil and my legs leaping over snake-like tree roots. Tears streamed down my cheeks, blurring my vision. I sprinted so fast and far that I felt like I was flying. My foot caught on a loose rock and I tripped against a tree, clinging to the thick trunk and sobbing hysterically. My legs gave out and deposited me on the floor. After a few minutes, I wiped my face and started to climb the massive oak, using branches as ladder rungs.
I reached the top in minutes, and leaned back. I could see for miles, nearly as far as I could in dragon-form.
The sea of leaves stretched to a large cliff, where white cottages dotted the rolling hills. In the other direction, I could see the red-bricked towers, and the line where sea met sky. It was isolated and beautiful, and just what I needed.
I began to eat a apple, watching a deer graze below me, unaware of my presence as I crunched through the delicious fruit. A loud crack echoed through the clearing, and the graceful creature bounded away, frightened. I had dropped my apple, and it rolled to the feet of a boy.
He looked up, startled.
“Hello? Is anyone here?” His gruff voice reached my hiding place clearly.
I kept silent, holding my breath.
“Look, you might as well come out, I know you're here.”
I sighed, starting to descend swiftly. On the last branch, I met his purple eyes and tumbled off with a cry.
Soft arms instead of hard ground embraced me, the boy had caught me. Placing me gently on my ground, he smiled.
I took in his appearance, startled. His eyes matched mine exactly, his skin was lightly tanned and his hair was so blonde it could be mistaken for white. He was very tall, and it was clear he exercised regularly. He wore a plain white t-shirt and light blue jeans that had been worn many times, judging from the rips and faded patches.

“I'm Cadell. Are you okay? That was quite a fall there, Angel.”
“I'm fine. Thanks.” His piercing eyes spooked me, was this why I never had many friends?
“What's your name?”
“Cariad.” He hadn't offered his last name, so I followed his lead.
“It's a pleasure.” We shook hands, he was very polite for a teenage boy. “May I ask what you are doing out here, all alone?”
“I can take care of myself.” It was none of his business!
“Of course you can. I believe that this is yours?” He held out my half-eaten apple that was now covered in dirt and I took it regretfully. Our fingers brushed and a shock went up my arm, we both jumped back, startled.
“Static shock.” I dismissed it.
“No it wasn't.” He argued, face mischievous.
“There were sparks between us, it was love at first touch.”
I laughed with him,  wondered if he was a Weathermental, hoping he was.
“You might want to wash that.” He gestured to my ruined apple.
“Yes, have you seen any water sources around here?”
He smiled at me, raising one perfect eyebrow. “There's no need for that.” His hand lifted, and he summoned a sphere of gleaming water. He took my hand,  ignoring the shock, and place the water over my apple, and letting go of the water, leaving the apple dripping in my hand. I grinned, and quickly devoured it.
Pointing a finger, I moved soil from the ground upwards, then made a gesture of throwing something up and catching it again,. The soil followed my movements in the air, and I deposited it in a pile by a tree. Throwing the apple core in the ground, I moved the soil back to cover it.
Cadell chuckled, sprinkling water on the patch. I laughed again, raising my arms, stretching up until I was on the points of my toes, seeing a tree growing and branches unfurling as I spread my fingers. Flowers burst into blood-red apples that sprouted perfectly, and I stood still, lowering my arms and pointing at one apple,  willing it to fall into my other, outstretched hand. It shook, then fell from the tree like a stone. My eyes widened, and I covered my head with my hands, cringing.
“Open your eyes, Cariad.” My name sounded strange with his English accent. I did as I was told.
Cadell had created a floating tube of water that allowed the apple to roll safely over to my hands.

“Show off.” I said, mouth full of apple-y loveliness.
“Says the girl who created a apple tree to impress a smoking hot boy.” I flushed as he laughed, and I made a small branch whack the back of his head gently.
“Ow!” Okay, maybe not that gently.
I giggled, and a water splashed my face.
“Now we are even.”
“Oh really?” I threw a handful of acorns at him, but they were deflected with a gust of wind.
My jaw hung open as Cadell looked anxiously at me.
“Yeah... um I am a bit of a freak.” He raised a hand, and chucked a ball of water up, followed by fire and water and air. They swirled around him, and I gasped in delight.
“You too?” I swirled leaved around my feet and watered a small daisy nearby.
He nodded thoughtfully, lowering his arm.
“I thought so. We are very rare, but some Weathermentals can control all of the elements, and we all have purple eyes.”
“Could you teach me? I only found out what I was yesterday.”
“Really? You're a natural.”
I laughed, throwing leaves at him. Grinning, Cadell chased me with leaves in his hair. I glanced behind me, stopping when I couldn't see him.
Looking around in confusion, I failed to see his shadow as he crept up behind me, grabbing my waist and tickling me until I begged for mercy.

Chapter 1

I hate Cerian so much. She makes me feel like I am worthless and yesterday she kissed Finch in front of me and now they are dating. Finch and Matilda are my only friends because of Cerian and she knew that I liked Finch and then she kissed him. She has hit and bullied me for years until I wanted to kill myself.

I walked along the pavement, fighting the tears that sprung to my eyes at the thought of her tongue down Finch's throat. A young man caught hold of my arm and yanked me into a alleyway.

Screaming, I twisted, trying to get away. I was going to get mugged!

"Help!" The man placed his hand over my mouth and hissed for me to be quiet.

"You're going to have to be much better at fighting than this, Cariad Galon-Gwyn."

"How...How do you know my name, you weirdo?"

He smiled.

"I know many a thing about you. I know that tomorrow events will be set into motion. I know that a week from now you will find out that you are a child of the Red Dragon, that you are special. I know that you will never fit in anywhere. I know that you are the one child of all, I know that you are the ancestor of Owain Glyndwr. I know that you are the princess of Wales. I know that you are the prophecy girl that will destroy or save our brothers and sisters!"

His voice got louder and louder and his eyes became wide and bloodshot.

Then suddenly he was gone, leaving behind but a bad smell and a memory.

When I got home I did my homework and Cerian's, before tidying my small room ready for Matilda sleeping over. I had dismissed the man as a hallucination earlier on as a result of my sister dating Finch. What else could it be?

The doorbell rung and I ran to answer before Cerian could.



I hugged my friend and felt so grateful for her. As soon as I had told her about Finch and Cerian we had arranged a sleepover. Unfortunately we couldn't have it at her house because her mum was hosting a party.

"I can't believe that he did this to you! He knows that you hate each other!"

Matilda didn't know how bad it had gotten, but I wasn't going to tell her, or Finch. Especially Finch.

"I know."

Mattie's pale cheeks was turning pink as they always did when she was angry.

"Why is she so horrible to you? She is the reason you only have two friends, she's the reason your room is the smallest, how can someone have so much power over others?"

"I don't know Matts. I really don't know." I sighed.

My door opened and my sister and her two best friends came in.

"Well, well, look whose gossiping about us then girls! It's mouse and her fat friend!"

Matilda flinched. She's sensitive about her weight.

Cerian shut the door with a thud, and nodded at her two minions. They grabbed Mattie and dragged her to my small cupboard and tied her up, shutting up in. I knew that Matilda was afraid of the dark, and I felt so sorry for her. But I was so afraid for myself, too.

Cerian had that look in her face. I was going to pay.

"My dear sister, you should know better than to tell people horrible things about me."

I swallowed.

"You need to be taught a lesson, mouse."

"Cerian, please, I didn't-"

"Shut up, mouse." She slapped me.

I shut up.

"Beca, go get Finch. Dany, tie mouse up."

They did as they were told. Why would she want Finch to be here?

Dany tied my hands and stuffed something in my mouth, shoving me under my bed.

Finch came in, looking confused.

"Cerian, why are people saying that we are-"

My sister grabbed his face and kissed him passionately.

Dany and Beca went out the door, and Cerian smirked. Silent tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched.

Then my sister dragged me out from under my bed.

Finch looked at me in horror. His brown eyes were so pretty...

"Cerian, what the hell is going on?"

"I am teaching my sister a lesson." My cruel sister tied me to a chair and took out the gag.

"Mum and Dad are out, there is nobody here."

She tied Finch to my bed, he struggled but Dany and Beca came in and even though he was strong, they managed to tie him up.

They went out again, and Cerian smirked.

She went over to me and and crouched until she was level with me.

"Mouse, why did you lie to your fat friend?"

"I didn't."

"Wrong." Cerian punched me. That would leave another bad bruise. Finch looked horrified.

"I only told you that I was dating Finch to see what you would do. I kissed him and he pushed me away." I looked at her, then at Finch. He nodded at me.

"You fancy Finch. You have had a crush on him for years."

I shook my head desperately, trying to deny it.

Why was she doing this?

"Liar." She punched me again. I doubled over, straining against the rope.

"You know I can do a lot worse. Tell Finch the truth, mouse. Or are you a coward?"

I sobbed, and shook my head.

Cerian laughed.

"Oh look at you. You are such a child! Finch would never date you. Nobody would. Look at you!" She laughed as I cried. Finch shouted, he hurled insults at my sister as she laughed.

I twisted, trying to free myself.

She punched me again.

Then she turned to Finch.

"Tell mouse you would never date her."

"Of course I would! I would never date you though, Cerian!"

I smiled, but she then punched him. Finch cried out and I hated her so much. I just wanted to hurt her! Then somehow she was in the floor, crying out in pain from the fire that burnt her clothing.

The flames flickered out as I wondered how I had done that. Cerian ran out the door, and Finch ran to me and untied the rope. I had burnt his bonds as I had burnt Cerian.

"What have I done...? How did I do that? I'm a monster!" I sobbed, shaking.

Finch went over to the cupboard and untied an unconscious Matilda before hugging me.

"You are Gifted, like me. Tomorrow you will get a letter explaining everything. You are far from a monster, Cariad. I am so sorry for what Cerian has done to you. Forgive me."

"Of course I do." I said as everything faded away to black.

The End

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