A New World

That night, Danielle left the dinner table early to gather her thoughts together. She entered the garden where the moon shone brightly down on the whole world. It was becoming a habit of coming to the garden. It was place where she could think and where there was no disturbance. She sat on a cool bench and gazed up at the moon. Samuel would marry Ella tomorrow. I should tell Samuel... She shook her head. No! But.... I'll find someone else....

But I will regret it. Danielle stood up pressing her arms to each side of her body. Alright. She walked back into the castle and into the ballroom. She saw Samuel and Ella picking up food from one of the dessert table and marched over to him.

"Samuel," she said. He and Ella looked at her curiously. 

"Um, I want to speak to you." Samuel handed his plate to Ella and left with her. 

"What is it Danielle?" he asked when they stopped in the garden. 

"Uh, well, um, I have something I want you to know." She sat on the bench. What will he think? Samuel sat beside her with even more curiousity growing inside of him.

"I think I'm... uh..." Samuel watched her as her eyes were turned toward the ground.

"In love with you." She closed her eyes tightly. She really was. She couldn't deny it any longer. Over the journey her feelings were becoming stronger making her love become stronger. She opened her eyes to find him staring at her in shock.

"Y-you love me?" he asked. Danielle nodded. Samuel's looked down. Thoughts poured through his mind. 

"Do you love me Samuel? Or maybe even like me?" she asked him. Samuel ran his fingers through his hair.

"Yes," he replied. Danielle felt her face warm up. 

"I like you." Danielle smiled.

"What about Ella?" She asked him. 

"I... don't know." Danielle grabbed his shirt and pressed her lips to his. She never kissed anyone before. Her heart was thumping wildly when she kissed him and as she pulled back, she felt like her heart was going to burst as she stared into his eyes. She let go of his shirt and turned away.

"Danielle," he said. She looked at him. He suddenly wrapped his arm around her shoulders and leaned her against his side.

She took her right arm and wrapped it around his waist and her left arm overlapped his chest clinging to his shoulder.  So is this true love? Danielle asked herself.She couldn't help but smile and bury her face in his shoulder. Then she looked looked up at the glowing moon that shined only for her. She would remember this moment always.

"I really do love you Samuel," she said softly.

"I know," he replied. 

The prophecy will be fulfilled in the future. Danielle thought as she watched the stars twinkle. What kind of world will it be by then?

The End

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