The White Rose

Danielle held the white rose in her right hand as she gazed into the sparkling pond. She watched the golden fish swim their way through the waters as she stood on two stones. Her eyes shifted upward to see the white clouds move calmly across the blue sky. 

"Danielle," Samuel's voice appeared behind her. "Ella told me to come get you. Your mother needs you so she can pick-." Danielle turned around too fast and found herself falling backwards into the water. Samuel reacted by trying to pull her back up , but she pulled him in with her. There was a huge splash and cold water flew everywhere. Samuel was soaking wet as he laid next to Danielle in the freezing cold water. He groaned when Danielle laughed.

"It is not funny!" He exclaimed sitting up. Danielle sat up too. Suddenly she blushed when she noticed his hand was still connected to hers. She thought it felt nice. Samuel finally noticed and pulled his hand away. His face was red as well. Danielle laughed.

"I never knew you were so fun to be around!" Samuel stood up and walked out of the pond. Danielle searched the water looking for the white rose. She picked it up but it's petals drooped.

"Here." Samuel held a white rose in front of her. Danielle smiled and took it. Then she took Samuel's hand and he helped her to stand.

"Thank you." 

"Y-your welcome."

The End

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