Meet Again

Danielle trudged down the hall toward the dining hall but stopped when she almost bumped into the Samuel. He was wearing a white uniform and his hair was combed all nice making his face even more handsome.

"Sorry!" She said. 

"It's alright. How did you sleep?" 

"Very nicely," Danielle replied. They stood gawking at each other awkwardly until Samuel turned and opened the door. He held it open for her and she walked in with him following. 

"Danielle," Steven said walking to her with his arm stretched out. He carefully grabbed her arm and led her to a chair across from her mother and next to Adrian. Danielle sat down and hungrily gazed at the food that was placed in front of her. She took a bite and started chewing but stopped when Steven addressed everyone who sat at the table.

"When this day has passed, My daughter Princess Ella and Prince Samuel of Zelda will be wedded at dawn," he declared. King Seth began to clap smiling at Samuel who was staring at his food with a flushed face. Danielle watched him as he tried to smile at everyone. Then she stuck more food in her mouth when the applause stopped.

"Samuel, I cannot wait until you have children!" His sister Sillia exclaimed and hugged him. Danielle wanted to laugh as she watched him trying to pull away. But then she frowned and looked at her food. Why do I feel this way? She wondered. He loves Ella. She reminded herself. 

Once breakfast was over Danielle wandered through the halls and came to the garden. She never visited the garden very much but Ella did. This was where she would find Ella most of the time. Danielle strolled along the path gazing at all the flowers. There were yellow, pink, purple and many other colored flowers giving off a wonderful radiance. Danielle stopped by a bush with white roses and bent to sniff one. She closed her eyes as a fragrance smell filled her nostrils. She sniffed it again.

"It smells so good!" she exclaimsed and sniffed it many times more. But she stopped when the bush rustled. She kneeled on the brick path carefully as she tried not the get her skirts dirty. Ella will get mad at me if this dress is ripped or covered with dirt. Danielle slowly parted the stems looking for what caused the bush to move. There was a tail lying on the soil in between two thorny stems and she grabbed it. She heard a shriek as she pulled it. 

"Huh!" She held the animal in front of her face. It was a brown squirrel who was holding an acorn with his little paws. They blinked at each other until Danielle knew who it was.

"Mue!" She cried. The squirrel looked at her for a second before he also recognised her voice.

"Danielle? It is you!" He exclaimed. Danielle set him upright and hugged him pressing him against her cheek.

"I thought you were gone forever!" Danielle put Mue on the ground.

"You are not a dragon anymore!" Mue said. Danielle shook her head. 

"Everything is back to normal now." Her heart was overrun by joy. She took him in her hands again and hugged him.

"I am so happy to see you again!" She cried. She put him down again.

"You will stay with me right?" She asked him. Mue lowered his acorn. Danielle stopped smiling.

"You want to go back to the forest?" She asked sadly. 

"Y-yes," he replied twisting the acorn with his paws. "But I will come visit!" Danielle wiped a tear from her cheek. Mue did belong out in the wild. She thought. He is a wild animal. 

"Alright... but make sure you do visit!" She said harshly. Mue nodded and pulled the acorn tighter against his chest.

"I will see you later, Danielle!" He bounded away and climbed the fence that surrounded the garden. Danielle watched him disappear over the wall.

The End

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