Danielle's body was completely back to normal when the red magic disappeared revealing her true self.

"Danielle!"exclaimed Steven and he wrapped his arms around her. Danielle smiled as she felt her father's warmth once again. She missed her father's hugs very much. He released her and gazed into her eyes. So green and beautiful. He thought and they looked back at him glimmering in the sunlight. Danielle turned to Seth who held out his hand. She took it and he overlapped her hand with his other. He nodded and she smiled even bigger. Everything is going to be perfect. She thought. Samuel was watching her with an expressionless face. Once his eyes met her's, he turned away. Danielle smirked.

"Samuel,"she said. He gasped when she practically jumped on him squeezing him in her arms and hugged him close. Samuel hesitated before resting his hands on her back. Danielle lifted her head and smiled at him.

"You smell," she said. Samuel softly pushed her away as she giggled happily causing him to blush. Steven took her hand.

"We should return home," he told everyone.

"Well." Shannon, Zacharias and Storm stepped forward and bowed.

"We shall go our separate ways,"she said.

"Alec, you coming?"

"Actually, I think I may go to Zilda with them," he replied. "I want to start a new life." Shannon laid a hand on his shoulder with watery eyes.

"I understand." 

Once they said their goodbyes, Zacharias, Shannon, and Storm begat their new unknown journey and everyone else traveled home with the knights who survived the great war.


Black dragons lunged at the wyverns furiously biting at them killing them instantly. Cynric was watching the scene from behind a wagon with his knights cowering behind him. An hour ago they were battling these creatures when the dragons came out of no where surprising every single person in the kingdom. They watched as the Black Dragons carried the creatures away the village. Cynric stood up and so did the rest of the knights.

"Let's return to the castle," he told them. Once they returned, Queen Maralyn also said she saw the Black Dragons destroy the Wyverns and carry them off.

"I do not know what was going on, but somehow I feel grateful to them. You may rest now," she was saying. Cynric nodded in her direction and returned to the knight's dorms. 


Danielle felt a hot sensation on her cheeks and opened her eyes to see a bright light shining in front of her eyes. She found herself laying in her soft bed with blankets pulled over her shoulders. First, she remembered laying on hard, forest ground and drifted into a deep sleep while they were traveling back to her kingdom. How long was I asleep for? She thought. She sat up. I'm home. I'm home! She repeated in her mind and excitedly jumped out of bed. She glanced around studying every furniture, pillar and curtains. She wanted to make sure this was all real. 

"Danielle?" A voice  startled her. She looked toward her bedroom door and saw Ella. 

"Ella!" She cried and ran to her. Ella chuckled as she embraced her tightly. To tight.

"Okay, Danielle let me go now before I suffocate!" Danielle immediately

"Wait!" Danielle exclaimed. "How long was I asleep?" 

"Two days," Ella replied and shut the door. Two Days?! Danielle thought as she snatched dresses from out of her wardrobe. What if Ella and Samuel are already married! Danielle dropped the dress she was holding. I cannot allow that to happen!

The End

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