I-I did it. Danielle thought as she watched the silver fire disappear in thin air. Nothing remained but an empty space.

"That reckless moron!" Zacahrias exclaimed digging his sword into the dirt. Shannon put a hand on his shoulder. She was crying.

"He wanted this to happen." Zacharias stared at her speechless and Alec nodded in his direction. He wanted to be with Andorra. Alec thought. He stifled the cries that he wished to unleash. They were such good friends and Judas was an excellent leader to them. He was the second of their gang to die. Say hello to Bracken for us, Judas. And tell him he was forgiven. Alec looked at Herman who was standing behind them. His face was expressionless and something changed. Alec couldn't figure out what it was.

Steven lifted himself from the ground and managed to stand on both of his feet. Danielle was walking toward them with relief shining in her eyes. She stopped in front of Steven and bent her head down to him.

"We did it father," she told him. Steven just stared at her and touched her nose.

"You gave up your body for this world and your kingdom," he said. Danielle closed her eyes as she felt his hand rub against her scales.

"I-I'ts alright." She opened her eyes to see him crying.

"For the first time in my life, I have never been this scared." Danielle's heart ached.

"Everything is alright now." She nudged him with her nose. Then she lifted her head and looked at everyone.

"Where is Judas?" 

"He was destroyed along with Andorra," Seth told her. Danielle gasped. She destroyed Judas too?

"But it's okay. He is happy now," Alec said and stood beside Samuel and Seth. Danielle stared at him with no idea what he was talking about.

"Danielle, why didn't you tell us you had magic?" Samuel asked walking up to her. Danielle laughed.

"Well, because I didn't know. Andorra told me after we encountered her at the Necropolis." She looked Samuel in the eyes. "Are you surprised?" She asked playfully. Samuel turned his head and didn't answer. Everything is going to be back to normal. She thought. Except for me.

"Chosen One." She turned around to see the Black Dragons standing in front of them.

"We will leave you now,"the old dragon said. "The first part of the prophecy has come to past."

"What about the rest?" 

"That is in the future," the dragon replied. In the future. Danielle repeated in her mind. They watched in awe as the dragons took off into the sky and began to fly away.

"I still cannot believe this," Seth said. 

The Black Dragon disappeared into the distance and the gray clouds were moving away leaving light to shine down on them and the whole world. Danielle's heart was full of joy and relief that the war was over. Then she had a strange feeling reacting throughout her body. Red magic appeared and started to swarm her large body. 

"Danielle! What is happening!" exclaimed her father. The red magic grew thicker hiding her appearance from everyone. And then the same pain she felt before occurred when Andorra transformed her into this body. Danielle closed her eyes. Maybe she was changing back!  After a few seconds, she opened her eyes to see her own hands shining before her eyes. And then she looked down and saw she was wearing her white ball gown. My body. I thought Andorra said... Danielle's eyes hardened. That sneaky witch.

The End

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