The Death Of The Witch

"What kind of fire is that?" Zacharias exclaimed. No one answered for they never knew of such kind. Andorra's magic was completely consumed by the fire destroying it in less than five seconds. Judas's heart was suddenly stricken with worry. That fire destroyed Andorra's most powerful magic.

"Danielle,"he heard Samuel say.

"Father, did you know Danielle had magic?" he asked. Seth looked at him.

"I certainly did not," he replied. 

"She must be a witch too,"Steven said. He was still lying on the ground covering his burning cut. "Like Andorra."  They all watched as the silver fire vanished. What if Danielle uses this fire against Andorra? Judas thought. Andorra and her magic with not be able to defend it. Judas looked down. He did not want to watch his childhood friend whom he loved die. Nor did he not want Danielle to die either. There was something in his heart warning him he needed to be with Andorra.

Andorra relaxed on her bed and gazed endlessly outside her window. She lifted her left hand in front of her face and red magic was released from her palm. She thought it looked very beautiful as it trickled down through the air. She was just reading in the library about magic. It lives inside those who are born with it. Though it was beautiful, it could cause much destruction.

"Andorra!" She quickly put her hand down and saw Judas standing on the window sill. He looked older, more handsome as well. Andorra sat up in her bed and glared at him.

"What are you doing here! And how did you get up here?" She demanded. Judas sat down on the window sill and smiled.

"I climbed the tree. And it has been a long time since I've come." Andorra's eyes turned harder.

"If my father finds you in this room..." Judas put a finger to her lips and then beneath her chin.

"You grew up too." Andorra slapped his hand away. Does he not notice how ugly I am? She wondered.

"Steven and I don't have time to play right now. The coronation is in two years! And we have to be ready by then!" Judas's smile vanished.

"You have time, do not worry," he replied cheerfully. 

"You do not understand!"Andorra screamed in his face. Judas sat there as if she slapped him. Her eyes bore into his telling him that she was very serious.

"Fine!" Judas replied. Andorra watched him stand on his feet and jump out the window. He swung on a branch and then began climbing down the tree. Andorra's eyes followed him sadly until her vanished from her sight.


"My magic failed!" Andorra exclaimed fearfully. She gathered more in her hands and thrust it harder. She gasped as she realized she was growing exhausted causing her to become weaker with magic. The magic she threw only made it halfway toward Danielle and then it disappeared. No! She began throwing more magic but none of it reached the Black Dragon. It would be a long time until she could use her magic again.

Andorra's arms grew weaker and weaker as the magic stopped coming from her palms. She hunched over gasping for breath. I couldn't do it. I couldn't change the prophecy, I couldn't even become queen. She  thought. She put her hands in front of her face. Wh- why couldn't someone have loved me. Why did I have to be ugly? She looked at Danielle. Her vision was becoming blurry as tears filled her eyes.

"I want to die!"She exclaimed. 


Danielle watched Andorra lean forward in exhaustion. Now is my chance. She thought. The silver fire appeared in her mouth. Incredible. She thought. I should have used this power earlier. It gushed from her mouth and zoomed through the air.

Andorra focused on the blazing silver flames that would soon destroy her completely.

"Andorra!" She looked in shock as Judas ran toward her. Why does he look so concerned. She thought. He hugged her like last time surprising her even more. 

"Do not leave me," he whispered.

"I love you." Andorra pulled back gazing at him with tears running down her cheeks. Judas pulled her against him again.

"You will die as well,"Andorra said weakly as she rested her cheek against his chest. Beyond them, the silver fires moved closer.

"I do not care." Judas put his finger beneath her chin. "I have loved you all this time." Andorra's green eyes looked into his.

"You know, I have been yearning to tell you that your eyes are most beautiful." Andorra just gazed at him until the silver fire overlapped them destroying their very existence.

The End

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