Andorra's Power

The battlefield was full of burnt and slain bodies. The army of Black Dragons were landing now that they were finished with their fight. Judas turned his gaze away and looked at Steven.

"Is he alright?"

"Yes," Seth replied. Alec was lightly pressing a wet, damp cloth against the King's stinging wound. Judas worriedly watched as the cloth touched the red skin, creating a small sizzling sound. 

"Judas!" Storm's voice filled his ears and he turned around to see him, Zacharias and Shannon racing toward him. They stopped beside him and stared at Steven's wound then looked at Danielle and Andorra battling each other.

"It is not going well with her, is it?"Shannon asked Judas. He shook his head. He looked at Zacharias who was scratching his head with a bewildered  expression on his face.

"Do you know where the Black Dragons came from?" Judas watched Danielle stand back up on her four feet. 

"No I do not,"he replied. But Danielle, you had something to do with this didn't you? He thought. His eyes shifted to Andorra. He wanted to save her. Save her from the evil in her heart.


Danielle stared at Andorra, horrified. In her hands raging magic developed into more furious swirls. It looked more powerful. More powerful than her regular magic. Her eyes were darker, blending into the magic's color as it grew larger and larger like the hatred in her heart. Even though I know I lost, at least there is someone  for me to unleash my revenge on. Andorra thought. Yes, more power. I want my hatred to be known. Once Andorra finished filling her hands with powerful magic, she prepared to thrust it at Danielle.

Danielle backed away and wondered what to do. "Defeat her with Mystra's power!"

The red magic was dashing through the air  with ultimate speed. I have to block it with something! Mystra, please help me! She closed her eyes. She didn't know what she was expecting. She opened her eyes . Nothing happened. The magic was so close now. Danielle shut her eyes again and waited for pain. Pain that would surely bring death. But she felt none. She opened her eyes to perceive an image of a wall of silver fire protecting her from the magic.

The End

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