There was a large explosion when both magic clashed in mid air. Samuel's body jerked backwards as a powerful force was released from the magic. He leaned forward  and put his arms in front of his face to keep his body from falling over

Steven was lying on the ground with his hand still around his cut. The burning was so severe he felt like his body was being eaten away by the heat. He worried that if he moved, the pain would become too hard to handle.

"King Steven, are you alright?"He weakly looked at Samuel who was perching over him beside Seth. He did not reply but watched the Black Dragon with worry.  Seth knelt beside him and removed his slightly burnt hand from his wound. It wasn't a very big cut but very small. There was blood, but it remained on his skin, cooked from the flames of the sword.


Andorra grimaced as she made the magic appear in her right hand. She finally discovered her powers. She thought. She eyed the dragon as it bounded into the air. Andorra threw the flaring magic in her direction. Danielle swiftly moved out of the way and advanced toward her. Green magic appeared in her mouth. When she maneuvered closer, it burst from her mouth but Andorra disappeared leaving her to crash into the ground.

Danielle stood up catching a glimpse of her father being taken care of. She also saw Alec come over to them and smiled. Her father was going to be alright. Alec was wonderfully talented with being a doctor. Samuel's smiling face flashed in her mind. Then she shook her head. No, don't think... Red magic rammed into her and she sank into the ground shaking in pain. I wish I knew spells to make my magic stronger like Andorra. She thought.  Another ball of magic crashed into her making her fly backward.

Danielle struggled to get up as she felt her body tingle.

"You never give up!"Andorra yelled and threw more powerful magic at her. I cannot lose... Danielle flapped her wings and flew into the air.

"Chosen One!"She sharply turned her gaze to the old Black Dragon. He hovering in front of her.

"You are stronger than this! Defeat her with Mystra's power!"The dragon flew away.

"Mystra's power?"She asked herself. Andorra's magic hit her and this time she fell to the ground. The magic corrupted her ability to fly.

"Die!"Andorra's enraged voiced echoed through everyone's ears. More power.Andorra thought. She used both her hands to carry her magic and felt more power surge through her body. This is it. I will take my revenge on Steven's daughter. 

The End

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