Chapter 8 Part 3

Danielle cautiously inspected Andorra as she closed her eyes and her mouth was moving. Red magic appeared swirling in her hands. It was then evolving, bursting into large amounts of magic. Andorra held it in one hand and her glare bore into Danielle's. Danielle felt herself backing away but stopped. No, do not run away. She told herself. Andorra drew her arm back and swiftly, she thrust her arm forward  releasing the magic from her hand. The magic accelerated through the air toward Danielle. She stood there wondering whether to dodge it or block it with her own magic.  Too late to stop with my own magic. She thought. She jumped in the air just as the magic hit the ground where she was. She looked down, and gasped at the ground in astonishment. The magic caused a large, deep ditch in the ground. Okay, that was dangerous. She thought.

"Come on Danielle!"Andorra tempted her. "Fight me!" Fine then. Danielle thought slyly. She thrashed her wings and collected speed as she flew toward Andorra. Then she felt gas gather in her throat as she readied to breathe fire.

More magic piled in Andorra's  hand as the Black Dragon zoomed through the air in her direction. She saw a small flame begin to flare inside the dragon's throat and then she made her magic larger. In a flash, Danielle stopped in the air and raging, red and orange fire burst through her mouth. With Andorra's magic, she used her magic to block the flames from coating her entire body. Andorra looked away as she felt the flames outstanding heat burn her skin. No! Andorra screamed inside her mind. She opened her eyes and forced more magic to come out and block the fire. Finally, they disappeared and Andorra lifted her hands to her face.

They were black and they tingled with pain from what the fire did to her. She cast a evil glance at Danielle and gathered more magic even though the pain rampaged through her hands. The magic slammed into Danielle's enormous body making her fly backwards into a rigid rock form. Danielle cried out as her body hurled into it making parts of it brake apart and fly around her.

"Danielle!" She heard Samuel exclaim. Her magic is so powerful. Danielle thought. I really need mine right now. She looked up to see another ball of magic approaching her with as much speed as last time. I need my magic now!  A painful feeling ripped through her body as the magic hit her once again. The rock structure was completely destroyed and Danielle laid there exhausted. This witch should not be able to defeat me. Not after what she did to my father. She thought. 

"Please,"she begged. She didn't know who she was begging to but maybe she was asking the white haired woman to help her. Her body was screaming in pain calling to her it needed to be healed right away. 

"Danielle." Herman was standing near her. She looked at him and noticed there was something different about him. She didn't know what but it was his eyes. She thought she could see some sort of light in them.

"Just ask her," he said. "That is what I did and I gained my powers right away." Danielle looked at him. Alright. She thought. Her body strained as she stood up but she ignored it. Behind her, Andorra's magic came at her again. But Danielle opened her mouth and green magic devoured it entirely.

The End

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