Danger In Zilda

Ella stood poised on the balcony and gaped at the gray clouds. She gripped the cold railing with her hands and squeezed.

 "Mother," she said.

 "Did you know Father's sister?" She asked.

 "No. After he was crowned king of Zilda, we met and fell in love. I never saw his sister at all because she was gone," Maralyn replied. "I never knew he had a sister until now." They were both quiet and their faces were pale from a dreaded feeling took over them.

 "Ella," he mother said.

 "Let us go inside  because it is becoming cold out here." Ella nodded. She took her mother's hand and walked inside. Ella stood in the ballroom and waited for her mother to close and lock the glass door.

 "Queen Maralyn!" A servant hustled into the ballroom.

 "There are flying creatures heading toward the kingdom," he said. Maralyn and Ella followed the servant through the castle halls and then walked outside. They looked and far away were about five flying creatures heading toward Zilda.

 "Where is Cynric? We need him to gather his knights and help protect the city!" Maralyn exclaimed.

 "I will fetch him right now!" The servant replied and ran to the knights dorms.

 "Wait for me!" Ella cried running after him. They entered the dorms, and in a brig room, Cynric sat with other knights at a big round table eating lots of food.

 "Cynric!" Ella called. Cynric turned his head and looked at her in concern.


 "We need your help to protect the village. Come flying creatures are heading our way." Immediatly, Cynric put his food on the table.

 "Come on," he told his knights. Ella and the servant moved out of the door way to let them through so they could hurriedly put on their armor and gather their weapons. They waited outside for the knights to come out.

 "There they are," Ella told Cynric as he walked out with the rest of his mean and looked to the sky as well.

 "Wyverns. Extremely dangerous," he said. Ella turned to face him.

 "Be careful." He nodded looking into her crystal brown eyes.

 "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you or the people," he said. Ella smiled.

 "Thank you so-." Suddenly Cynric bent his head and brushed her lips with his.

 "That is just in case I do not come back." Ella stared at him in shock as he climbed on his horse and rode out of the gate with his knights.

 "Oh dear," Maralyn quietly spoke as she stood beside her daughter.

 "What are those?" Sarah and Sillia exclaimed as they ran out of the castle with their golden hair bounding up and down against their backs. They had come to Zilda with Cynric so they could see Ella again.

 "They are wyverns and I think they mean trouble," Ella replied.

 "Look! More are coming! But they are so much bigger and darker!" Sillia cried. Ella did see two more creatures  appear in the distance behind the wyverns.

 "They... do not look like wyverns to me," she said.

The End

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