Andorra and Danielle

Seth bounded away from Andorra and hunched over his knees trying to catch his breath. His arms felt like they were going to fall off from hitting his sword with Andorra's and his skin was burning from the flames flares he felt as he got close to them.

"Andorra." They looked and saw Danielle. Andorra relaxed her arm that held her sword and the flames calmed down. They soon disappeared leaving the sword to be back to it's glowing red color.

"Fight me."

"I thought you wanted your normal body back. If I die, you will be like that forever," Andorra replied. Danielle looked at her father's weak figure and all the knights who were dead on the ground.

"If it means my kingdom and all whom I love will be destroyed, then I will stay like this forever if I have too." Andorra's eyes turned colder as they glared into hers.

"Such powerful words. How then, will we settle this?"

"Our magic." Andorra smiled. Then let us see was powerful magic you hold. She thought. This should be an interesting battle.

The End

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