Childhood Friends

Judas blocked every attack Andorra laid on him but he never fought back. She roared as she swiped her sword in his direction and he supressed every one.

"Please Andorra," he said. "You know you don't want to do this!" Andorra ignored him and knocked the sword from his hand.

"Remember the happy memories?" Still Andorra aimed to kill him but Seth interrupted them.

"Stop getting in my way!" she screamed.

Danielle ran to her father.

"Are you alright?" She exclaimed. He looked at her in shock.

"Danielle?" he asked. His eyes were watery from the tears that were gathering in his eyes. It made her want to cry as well.

"You are here," he said quietly. Danielle wanted to take him in her arms and hug him until the moon appeared in the night sky.

"I... am sorry, Danielle," he said. A tear slipped down her cheek.

"I was not strong enough to stop her." Danielle shook her head.

"No, you tried everything you could to stop her. She is just too powerful right now." Tears ran down her father's cheeks. Danielle watched Andorra and Seth fight.

"I will protect you now father. You protected me all my life. It is my turn to fight her." Steven stared at her in disbelief and she smiled at him.

"I won't die," she said. "Besides no Black Dragon has every been killed by a human or any other. Never." 

"Andorra! Come down before you fall!" Judas yelled. She was standing on a branch high up in a tree picking a red apple off of another branch. Steven was also in the tree sitting on a lower branch beside Seth eating juicy, fresh picked apples.

"How come you always worry about her?" Seth asked. Green leaves were tangled within the strands of his blonde hair. He took a big bite out of his apple and chewed it.

"Well... because she is a girl and she could fall and hurt herself,"" Judas replied. He stood tall with his hands set firmly on his hips. He was fourteen now and already felt like a man.

"I just need to get this apple and then I will come down," Andorra said. She stretched her arm farther until her fingers barely touched the fruit. Judas watched nervously as her fingers fully wrapped around the apple. Then she jerked and the fruit broke free from the branch. Then she brought it closer to her chest and moved to a lower branch.

"Don't fall," Steven warned. Andorra rolled her eyes and stepped on the lower branch. When she glanced down at her apple, there were two tiny bugs roaming the surface of it. As she began to climb down to the next branch she screamed and lost her balance.

"Andorra!" Judas cried and ran to rescue her. He caught her but fell to the ground. Steven and Seth laughed at the position they were in. Andorra was sitting on top of Judas's stomach as he laid flat on his back. Andorra was gazing at him in surprise.

"Are you okay?" Judas asked with a small smile. Andorra nodded and smiled keeping her eyes locked on his. Then she got up and watched as he slowly got to his feet and brushed off the leaves that stuck to his back.

"Nice save," Seth told him. He finished his apple and threw the core into the grass.

"Oh no!" Steven exclaimed. "I forgot we have to go to our lessons!" He jumped off the branch with Seth and ran back to the castle. They were playing in the meadow behind the castle that had many fruit trees growing in it. Andorra stood next to Judas and hesitated.

"Do you have lessons too?" Judas asked. He hoped she did not.

"Yes... but I don't want to go," she replied.

"Why?" Andorra stared at the ground.

"Oh, it is nothing. I'll see you later." She handed her apple to him and ran through the grass away from him. She didn't want Judas to know she feared her father or any servant in the castle. She was afraid of what he would say and ask why. Andorra scrunched her eyes.

"He would never understand," she muttered.

Judas sat in the grass and rested his back against the tree trunk. The more time he came to see them the lesser time they played with each other.

"What is going to happen when we get older?" He said to himself and took a small bite out of the apple.

The End

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