The Birth of New Power

There was a Black Dragon drifting towards the battle field with more dragons following it with abundant numbers.

"Is... this part of ...your plan?" Steven asked between gasps as he tried to regain his breath for the burning of his skin was too great. Andorra did not reply but stared at the dragons who flew closer and closer. She gritted her teeth. I cannot believe it. She thought. Why? Everything I do, does not end with what I want.

"Are those Black Dragons?" Samuel asked. "Impossible." They were and there were thousands of them. Seth was also dumbstruck as he watched the creatures fly towards them.

"I wonder," Samuel said to himself. Could Danielle be with them? They heard a clang and looked at Andorra. She dropped her sword in shock.

"No, I still have not finished my revenge," she muttered under her breath. She picked up her sword again and turned to Steven. At least I can kill him. She thought.  Her sword whistled through the air as she cut through it to slay Steven's heart.

"Andorra!" She watched as Judas restrained her sword with his. The bandit's face was covered with dirt and cuts from fighting her soldiers. He was looking at her with soft, calm eyes. She stepped back thinking  of before when he hugged her. She still couldn't understand why he did that. 


Danielle and the army of the Black Dragons soon reached the battle field where her father's army was still fighting.

"GO!" Danielle exclaimed. "And destroy every single minotaur you come across!" The old dragon who flew next to her swooped down with the rest. She watched as they breathed fire burning the minotaurs to a crisp. I have to find father. She thought.

"Down there Danielle!" Herman yelled to her as he rode on her back. She looked down to see Andorra fighting Judas who was protecting her father.

"I am going down!" She exclaimed. She dived through the air toward the ground until she landed. Herman slipped off her back.

"Herman?" They heard a familiar voice. It was Samuel. 

"Danielle?" He looked at her and she nodded.

"Yes it is me." He was bruised everywhere and there was a large cut along his cheek. Her heart ached seeing him again. She walked toward him and bent down ward.

"I was worried," he said quietly. Danielle smiled.

"Me too. I wasn't sure where you went when you disappeared."

"No time for this," Herman said. Danielle knew what he meant and looked at Andorra. 

"You stay and help defeat the minotaurs," she told Herman. He nodded and she and Samuel ran to Andorra. Herman turned around to see minotaurs surround him. I cannot defeat them all. He told himself. He held up his hands and stared at them. I need greater power. He thought of the woman who appeared to him and Danielle twice. 

If you want to protect me, help me find these powers my father had that I may defeat them. He thought deeply and closed his eyes. He remembered the woman in his mind and suddenly felt power emerge into his hands. He opened his eyes and saw silver flames resting in his palms. He did not know what power this was, but he felt that it would help him. 

He waved his hand and all of the sudden the minotaurs were lit up in silver fire.

The End

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