Andorra vs Steven

"Steven? What are you doing? Get out of my way!" She yelled throwing Steven's sword from her's. But Steven supressed her again.

"This fight is only between you and I!" Andorra backed away and glared at him with her piercing green eyes. Then she lunged at him and they clashed swords many countless times. Samuel fearfully watched them. He felt someone touch his shoulder and when he looked, it was his father.

"Get up son," he said. Seth held his arm and helped him to ascend to his feet.

"Let them fight," he said. Samuel nervously watched as Steven and Andorra fight.

"Andorra," Steven said as their swords clanged again and again. "Please stop this." Andorra's eyes blazed with hatred.

"I will never! Everyone will pay their deaths for what they did to me. And you as well!" With all her might, she hit her brother's sword furiously causing his sword to heavily vibrate. Steven eyed his melting blade. How could Andorra get her hands on such a sword? He thought. Andorra gave a battle cry as she lunged at him again. Her sword lit up with more flames as they clashed. Steven couldn't believe when to upper portion of his blade melted away. Andorra never once was good at sword fighting but she could conquer anyone with that weapon.

Steven dodged her swinging sword and he felt the fire's almighty heat pass by him.

"I want you to die for taking my throne!" She cried. "And I want everyone to die for the pain and suffering they brought me!" As Steven escaped her supreme swings, he felt himself become exhausted every time he dodged.

"I am sorry for your suffering!" He cried. But he could see in her eyes that she was not going to give up. 

Her next aim for him, he couldn't dodge quick enough  so he felt a screaming pain in his side. Her sword grazed him making the wound more painful from the fire's hotness.

"Father!" Adrian cried and was going to fight her himself but Seth's arm blocked him. Instead, he unsheathed his sword and readied it in front of him. He was a better sword fighter than Steven or Judas.

"If you fight me, you will die anyway," Andorra told them. She stood close to Steven with her sword pointed down toward him. The sword flared with more capacious flames.

"You will burn on your grave until you die," she told him. She drove her sword down to him but halted when a mighty roar filled her ears. 

The End

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