The Sword Of Flames

Samuel swung his sword and slashed a minotaur's chest. It fell to ground defeated. Then he killed many others that challenged him to certain death. Glancing behind him, a minotaur raced at him and aimed for his neck. Samuel's sword was much to caught with the minotaur's ax that he could not get away. But Adrian stabbed it just before the sword could slice him.

"Thanks, " he said. Adrian nodded and began to fight minotaurs that lunged at him. Samuel looked around seeing many knights fall and more of their enemies live. On minotaur viciously fought a knight that soon collapsed to the ground. Samuel leaped at his enemy and killed it instantly. The knight was still alive but his arm had almost been completely cut off. Around him, he fought more and more minotaurs as if they had been appearing out of no where.

Above them the wyverns passed over them. Samuel watched them suspicously as they flew farther away from the war.

"They are flying towards Zilda!" He screamed. Adrian looked at him and then also looked at the wyverns who were becoming farther away from them.

"Where is father?" he asked himself. He searched the battlefield for any sigh of him but there was none. Also, there was a wide, empty spot where no one fought. Andorra appeared in that spot holding a glowing, red sword.

"Andorra!" He gasped and finished off the minotaur he was battling. She was looking at all the battles being fought.

"Yes, more of them should die," she said. A knight ran to fight her but she used her mysterious sword to slash him. Samuel watched in horror as the blade exploded with flames burning the knight to death.

"That sword," Samuel whispered. Andorra killed many more of his knights creating more fires across the field. Samuel chased after her and roared. The witch turned around quick enough to block his sword. Samuel felt the heat of the blade on his face. He felt his face burning just by being so close to it. Suddenly his blade began to melt causing his hand to lose control of his beneath her sword.

"What is this sword?" He exclaimed. When her blade fully melted his, she used her magic to throw him to the ground. He tried to sit up from the pain he felt when his back hit the ground. Andorra thrust her sword in his face but it did not touch him.

"This is the Sword Of Blaize, the most powerful sword in the world. It was created by the four sorcerers." Samuel stared in fright at the powerful flames that rippled the sword's blade.

"G-get that away from me," he said. Andorra smirked.

"You fear it don't you?" She asked and took it away from his face. "You should because you will die by this sword!" Andorra swung the sword preparing to strike his heart, but someone blocked it. Andorra's eyes widened.

The End

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